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A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In Wolverhampton & Dudley West

Few cities are ‘on the up’ as much as Wolverhampton, especially for franchise opportunities in the UK. Next to the constituency of Dudley West, it is a hive of activity for British manual and service industries. Only 10 miles separate these two territories; together, they are a strong commercial force, stepping out from the shadow of nearby Birmingham.

Wolverhampton has a population of 254,000, but we extend that by almost a hundred thousand more for the Dudley borough as a whole. Ever since the Industrial Age, the region has been a firm player in manufacturing, sport and cultural influence. The M5 is close to hand, along with the M6 leading to Warrington and Manchester. This means that talent tends to filter into Dudley West, collating from several prime spots of Northern development.

It’s little surprise that we’ve taken our Rainbow franchise business model to Wolverhampton and the surrounding area. But what really makes this a special place for service contracts? How do our business leaders do so well?

UK franchise opportunities in Wolverhampton and Dudley West

First of all, it helps that the municipality has a plan for economic growth in the near future, and beyond to the coming decade. Investment has hit record levels at £3.7 billion for the city alone; Wolverhampton has one of the top 10 highest performing job sectors in the country.

Commerce, office blocks and infrastructure are taking off like never before, joining a £35 refurbishment of the main retail hub. The community is predicted to enjoy a 2-3% boost on national economic forecasts until 2020.

This, coupled with a prolific slew of big companies in Dudley West – such as Jaguar Land Rover, Moog and UTC Aerospace – has increased its professional stature for British workers. More and more are flocking to the region every year. For Rainbow, that leaves us with tens of thousands of clients to serve, ensuring businesses are clean, bright and appealing for the growing market they’re trying to soak up.

A greater preponderance of jobs means that living standards are up – welcome news for domestic contracts, or public sector work fuelled by rising council tax payments. Rainbow International is right in the firing line of any benefits that Wolverhampton and Dudley West are set to experience.

This success can be replicated in other territories. Call our recruitment team to see how a franchise for sale elsewhere could be just what you need to pave the way to financial freedom.

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