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How To Market A Commercial Cleaning Business

January 22, 2019
How To Market A Commercial Cleaning Business

Even with an established franchisor brand for backup, the idea of maintaining a positive cash flow by continuously gaining new clients may scare you. Especially if you don’t have much experience with the specific franchise industry, you’ll likely be wondering how to attract customers to your business.

In this guide, we’ve answered this crucial question. Join us as we provide you with all the information you need to market a commercial cleaning business successfully.

Build on the brand

First and foremost, make the most of the power of the franchisor’s brand. Whilst you’ll have your own thoughts around marketing and the ideas to drive it, remember that the franchisor’s model has been proven to work. There will be room for your own personal touch, but neglecting what’s already at your disposal will ultimately prove detrimental.

It will instantly boost the brand awareness of your franchise business. Just drawing on the brand’s name will support SEO efforts, helping potential customers to find you much more quickly.

Whilst this recognition will come more easily than if you were setting up your own business, this doesn’t mean you should skip the brand awareness stage. Focus your efforts on it in the beginning and, once you become more known within your local area, you can then move your prospective clients further down the sales funnel.

Do your research


Research - Rainbow Int

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It’s not just the established brand that the franchisor provides – they can also help with specific marketing activities, such as market research. They will most likely have already conducted their own. You’ll be able to gain instant insight into the demographics of your audience, as well as their needs, drives and behaviours. This will allow you to adjust your market offering and activities to specifically target them.

Although existing audience research will prove incredibly helpful, you should still carry out a little of your own. The franchisor’s research will likely be quite broad, so there will be scope to perform some at a more in-depth, local level.

For example, the franchise may have a number of commercial cleaning competitors all over the country. Instead of looking at what their main competitors are doing, you can study the ones local to your individual franchise business. You’ll then be able to use this information to market your business more effectively and increase the chances of local success.

Find local opportunities

Your potential to thrive locally is increased if you capitalise on what’s available in the area. One particular marketing opportunity is networking. Explore the events that take place in your area, and make sure you or a team member is present at the ones which offer the most potential for you to gain leads.

If you struggle with building your business through this form of marketing, then evaluate why. Is there simply not much opportunity from the sessions you’re attending? Is the way you’re pitching not working with the given market? Refine your approach or discover new networking events, and don’t be afraid to seek help from the franchisor either.

Networking skills are part of the typical professional background that’s expected when you apply to become a franchisee. However, the initial training provided by the franchisor should help alleviate any fears you have about selling in an unfamiliar market.

Go digital

Networking is so effective at generating leads because it has the in-person touch, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only answer to ‘how to get franchise customers’. There’s room for online channels too. Even though commercial cleaning is very much a business in the physical realm, you can’t afford to be old hat and forget digital techniques. All businesses need to have an online presence in our modern world.

Make sure you have a website that potential clients can visit to find out all the necessary information about your brand and its services. Take advantage of any email contacts, so you can send targeted campaigns straight to their inbox. Don’t forget to make your name known on social media either. It’s a key driver to help prospective clients further down the sales funnel.

Be certain to research what social platforms and other marketing channels your audience is receptive to though, as you won’t want to waste your time and efforts on those they don’t use.

Create a distinct strategy

The communication channels you use to attract a commercial audience will not be the same as that of a private one. Whilst you may potentially be targeting homeowners too, an identical marketing strategy will not produce the same results. Although they might have some similar behaviours and needs, they are inherently different.

Each marketing strategy therefore needs to be completely tailored to those you want to appeal to. Typically, a private audience may be more active on Facebook and interested in restoration following disaster. Businesses, on the other hand, may turn to LinkedIn and would prefer to find out more about regular specialist cleaning.

The more personalised the strategy, the stronger your marketing efforts will be.

Manage relationships effectively

Once you’ve successfully secured business through your marketing activities, make sure to provide the very best service possible. If you shape your strategy around simply gaining clients, without considering the need to retain them, you could both lose this business and potential prospects due to negative reviews.

Happy customers will stay with you, and they might refer you to their contacts too. They are the most valuable lead generator for you. A recommended commercial cleaning company is much more likely to be trusted as a potential provider than an unknown one advertising their services.

You’ll be able to passively draw in business via referrals, saving you significant time and money with your marketing activities. Providing a fantastic service and mastering effective relationship management is the key answer to ‘how to run a franchise business successfully’.

Share client satisfaction

share reviews

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Not all customers will tell others about you, even if they were happy with the service you provided. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. If there’s a successful commercial cleaning project you can talk about at networking events, then tell the story of it. Rather than simply attending these sessions and talking about your services, you can back it up with a narrative that proves their worth.

You could also ask satisfied clients to provide you with a testimonial to publish on your website, or leave you reviews online. These could be on social media platforms or specific rating websites. The testimonials and reviews could then be displayed on your marketing materials – like the back of your business cards.

By showing the value of your commercial cleaning business, you can encourage people to contact you rather than you needing to reach out to them.

Keep track of the numbers

Keep track of numbers - Rainbow

The best way of checking that you are marketing your franchise business well is to analyse how your efforts are performing. Track the success of each one, and then you can see which ones to invest more time and money into, and those you should drop altogether.

Digital marketing channels are much easier to quantify than offline marketing, but you can still see how the latter has an impact on your sales. Make sure to have specific aims with each campaign too. You can relate these back to your overall business strategy, so every part is directed to achieving the same outcomes.

With a comprehensive marketing plan, you’ll be able to watch as the new clients come rolling in. And a reputable franchisor can only help with this goal.

How to run a franchise with Rainbow

An established specialist cleaning and restoration franchise like Rainbow gives you the opportunity to benefit from an incredibly well-known brand. You’ll be given the room to have input into the way the franchise is marketed, whilst still being able to take advantage of the Rainbow name.

We’ll also give you all the guidance you need to get your business off to the best possible start. And, afterwards, there’s ongoing training and support. This means you’ll always have a helping hand available to ensure your franchise continues to prosper.

With Rainbow, you’ll have all the answers to any questions you have about ‘how to run a franchise successfully’, as well as the tools to do so.

Indeed, many others have already reaped the rewards of working in partnership with us. Interested in doing the same? We currently have territories available. Request a callback from a member of our team today, and one of them could be yours.