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Money Talk: Investing In A Rainbow Franchise Business

August 31, 2017
Money Talk: Investing In A Rainbow Franchise Business

As low cost franchises go, we’re one of the most reputable in the UK, offering a service that never runs dry of great prospects. Specialist cleaning and restoration will always keep you busy; furthermore, it’s a rewarding industry in more than just financial terms.

But of course, you’ll want to get down to brass tacks too – the cost of a Rainbow International franchise, and how much money you’ll expect to make with us. So, here are the figures to think about before you make headway into a franchise contract…

Getting started with a territory

Whether you’re looking at a box-fresh branch or you’re interested in a franchise resale, our territories start from £55,000 plus VAT.

This gives you rights to operate under the Rainbow name, an intensive training period, your equipment/uniform/stationery etc., and ongoing support from our team. Overall, you’re buying into a 30-year old professional model that’s carved a distinctive groove in the UK service sector.

However, we know that not everyone has £55,000 lying around. Plus, you’ll also need working capital to get your business off the ground – rent, staffing costs, utilities, insurance and more.

Don’t worry – we’ll introduce you to a few of our qualified, trusted lending partners, who’re prone to meeting up to 70% of the initial fee. That means you could get started with as little as £20,000, assuming the loan is approved.

After investment – what you might earn

What you actually make out of a franchise business is harder to pin down. Much of it will rely on how well you maintain our quality of service, as well as the presence you’ll build in your local area.

For an aspirational model, we can look to Wilf’s story… He’s one of our veteran franchisees, having led a Rainbow branch since the early 2000s. Back then, in the first few years of activity, he was a ‘man in a van’, turning over £100,000 as a solo entrepreneur.

Gradually though, he worked his way to eight franchise spots, netting annual takings of close to £1.5 million. That’s only been possible with a steady, accumulative mindset – he didn’t overreach when serving people in the locality. Taking a modest wage of, say, £40,000 when you’re starting is going to leave more resources to plan for success in the long term, such as higher wages to attract employees with the best skills.

It falls down to your decisions: there’s no formula for achieving X or Y, beyond what we instil via our training and support programmes. Within half a decade though – providing you have the same gumption as Wilf or our other franchise stars – you could be eyeing a turnover in the region of £1m yourself. There is no glass ceiling; any cash gains are down to your leadership and sense of commitment.

Want to learn more? For low cost franchise businesses in the UK, examine the Next Steps to Rainbow International, where great rewards await those who take the helm of our territories.