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No Talk Is Small Talk: The Secrets To Networking

October 2, 2017
No Talk Is Small Talk: The Secrets To Networking

Buying a franchise from Rainbow International involves running your division like any typical business owner. Alongside the busy day-to-day operations, you’ll need to promote your brand wherever possible, enlightening people to the capabilities of the business and the services you can provide.

Networking is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness locally – offering you the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and forge business relationships that can help you prosper. We understand that many of our franchisees may have limited experience in this field, which is why we take the time to offer our support wherever possible.

These valuable networking tips are the perfect place to start:


Pitching Rainbow

When you’re showcasing the Rainbow brand, it’s important to tell people about the key principles on which the business was built (and continues to function). “We restore, you recover” sums up our disaster recovery expertise in just a few words.

It’s also good to emphasise the specialist nature of our cleaning services. By making prospects aware of our industry know-how, and how it applies to their sector, you’ll be able to help potential clients identify where Rainbow International can help.


Practice makes perfect

People have different preferences when it comes to communication. Some feel comfortable leading the conversation; others like to ask lots of questions to get the other party to open up.

In every case, networking requires practice. No two people you interact with are ever the same, and you need to get a feel for the person so you can strike the balance between friendliness and professionalism. There are hundreds of networking sessions hosted across the country, and it’s advantageous to visit as many differently formatted sessions as possible. The more unique events you attend, the better you’ll get.


Ask the right questions

Networking involves taking a tactical approach when it comes to questions. While your ultimate goal is to secure a sale, you’ll need to build rapport and an understanding of their business first.

“What do you like best about what you do?” is a simple question, yet so effective – demonstrating your genuine interest in the party and not just an overbearing intention to sell. Equally, asking about their plans for the future can help you spot obstacles to growth and, in doing so, ways in which you could step in.


Take tips from the pros

Networking is an art – and there is a whole industry dedicated to helping entrepreneurs improve their ability to communicate with fellow professionals.

Rainbow hold superb relationships with many of the most reputable networking experts in the country, inviting these professionals in to conduct full-day support sessions with our franchisees.

Will Kintish, for example, recently steered a skills workshop in Manchester for some of our current franchisees, offering attendees insight into networking best practices. Talk to the Rainbow team for more information about future workshops.


We pride ourselves on our strong support network here at Rainbow, ensuring all our franchisees are given the greatest resources to build their very own franchise business – a feat they can be truly proud of. Book a call with our team to learn more about UK franchise opportunities with us.