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No Territory Available Near You? No Problem

October 17, 2019
No Territory Available Near You? No Problem

While you may have anticipated being asked about your finances during your franchisee interview, it’s unlikely you’ve considered the possibility you’ll be asked to relocate. At Rainbow, we don’t just offer an opportunity to become your own boss, but also to see the world through a different lens.

We want you to be successful as a Rainbow franchise business. That’s why, in this article, we explain that it isn’t an issue if you’re further than a stone’s throw from our nearest available territory. In fact, relocating opens up the door to many more benefits…

Experience the promised lands

In order to support our franchisees in their mission of gaining national market share, we ensure the areas that we make available are deemed ripe for a specialist cleaning and restoration business.

Our franchising team have marked these areas as capable of transforming a Rainbow franchise into a restoration empire. As far as we’re concerned, those considering franchising would be immensely more successful in our available territories than their immediate location.

On top of this, we like our franchisees to do their own research. When pitching a business plan, you’ll typically include a geographical analysis of your chosen territory. This should include the opportunities present along with the threat of local competition. Conducting this research gives you the knowledge to grow a profitable business, no matter how unfamiliar the area is to you.

Enjoy franchising’s safety net

One of the selling points of franchising is a freedom to operate as your own boss – with the added security of a tried-and-tested business model. This safety net promptly disappears should you set up in an area that’s cluttered with competition and doesn’t have a healthy mix of domestic clients and corporate customers.

We aim to sustain the reputation of franchising by offering franchise businesses that are rewarding and can be grown by you. Our approach is to provide the facilities and resources for you to shape your own business.

If you want to try a certain marketing strategy or promotional campaign, we’re happy to support you – all provided you’re operating in an area deemed fertile with opportunity.

Bolder franchisees receive a greater reward

 One of the most rewarding aspects of our franchising model is that you’re able to turn local organisations and residents into Rainbow fanatics. We have a series of benefits that are unique to a franchise of our size and can be marketed to compete against small businesses.

Our model works best when entirely comprised of individuals determined to make a mark on the industry. Those that are simply trying to secure an asset in their immediate location only serve to lower the value of the franchise proposition.

Those who are looking for something different, on the other hand – something that is theirs and elevates them from a ‘cog in the machine’ – deliver the best service and generate a higher reward.

At Rainbow, we have several opportunities available across the UK. While one may not be near to you, we ensure those willing to start afresh in a new environment will be looked after.

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