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The Perks Of Franchising Over A Startup Business

July 27, 2017
The Perks Of Franchising Over A Startup Business

Want to be your own boss? You’ll have a lot of big decisions to make if you do finally make the leap. In fact, as soon as you’ve left your old job behind for self-employment, there’s a choice already: how will you pursue it? You can pick path one, and start up your own small business, or head down path two, towards the franchise route.


‘Franchisee’ might not sound particularly flashy, but the success rates speak for themselves. Here are just a few of the main reasons why franchising (with a model like Rainbow International) offers a more rewarding and fruitful experience than a startup.


Proven, working business model

Launching a business comes with risk. No matter how fool-proof an idea may appear to be on paper, there’s always the chance a strong competitor could emerge alongside it, pipping you to the post. Furthermore, financial issues aren’t always predictable – they might hamper the concept from taking off.


With franchising, the risk is mitigated as you’re left to take care of a proven, working model that’s already reaped high levels of market success. You’re essentially handed a ‘business in a box’, and given the chance to set out your stall on solid foundations. Simply put, it’s a way to double your odds of success.


Industry-led training

Startup business owners in the throes of a fresh venture all look the same: tired, stressed and bleary eyed. This is because they’re juggling so many balls at once, doing everything they can to push a new model (that may not even be viable) whilst accruing knowledge about the industry in their spare time.


Rainbow franchisees, on the other hand, learn all the necessary information before they get started. Our partners receive first-class training at our Mansfield headquarters, putting them in pole position to lead their division to major achievements.


Strong support network

It can feel like you’re all on your own when you start up a brand new business, especially during the early days when nobody takes a chance on you. It’s a fantastic feeling when you get a company off the ground, no doubt, but the odds are rarely favourable – the majority of startups don’t make it past the five-year milestone.


It’s different when you purchase a franchise business, especially with a big, reputable brand like Rainbow International. Everywhere you look, you’ll find guidance. If you experience any difficulties, there’s a friendly ear to listen. If you’re ever unsure of something, the answer probably lies amongst your peers and our experienced team. All our franchisees have access to a tightknit support network, so they never feel alone.


Curious about franchising and how it can give you the fast-track to a profitable business? Choose Rainbow today and you’ll realise just how many benefits franchising has to share. If you’d like to learn more, just visit our Next Steps section, where you can book a call with one of our agents and download our prospectus.