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How To Pitch For Specialist Cleaning Contracts

July 4, 2017
How To Pitch For Specialist Cleaning Contracts

Franchises, like any business operation, thrive on dealing in certainties wherever possible. For this reason, tendering – the practice of securing a regular service contract – is gold dust for your earning potential. It takes the ‘when?’ away from your money-making, leaving a financial blueprint that’s binding and reliable.

But how do you find, pitch for and win contracts you can rely on? For the purposes of the specialist cleaning sector, we’ve come up with a strategy to guide your future bids…


Knowing where to look

In many cases, seeking out your tender prospects is the tough part – they can come from anywhere, especially in the breadth of service that Rainbow International represents. Offices, stately homes, factories, government buildings: the list of client sources runs on, begging the question of how to uncover them.

Luckily, there are several websites and online directories to get you started. Portals like Tenders Direct alert you to any jobs within a search category. They’ll detail the nature of the assignment, who the client is, and relevant deadlines for application/turnaround times. Some are free, whereas others are subscription-based, so weigh up what will lend the most value.

You can also check the sites of local authorities (councils, the NHS etc.) to see whether they’re advertising any contracts. Furthermore, networking will identify needs in the local area, which can alert you to possible opportunities.


Choosing the appropriate sort of tender

Tendering takes time, so it’s sensible to grade your most desired projects from those that aren’t as feasible. Schedules may clash with current work, for instance, or the client could be too far away to justify the travel and manpower. They may also swallow a lot of your resources up; what’s the profitable option on the table?

Compile a list of ‘Green’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Red’ tenders, each relating to their attractiveness as a prospect. Then think about your own value – are many other services going to be competing with you? If so, check out their rates and service offering. There could be potential for negotiation, based on price, turnaround or value-adding extras.


Winning a bid

Okay, so you’re in the hiring line: well done! Now it’s pertinent to show your brand in the best light, and to break your appeal, experience and capabilities down to their barest elements.

Some clients will ask for a presentation, face-to-face. Others might prefer a document that details what you’re able to do, how long it’ll take, and the efficiency measures that see it through to the end. Regardless, you have to be eloquent, projecting a wide and practical knowledge of specialist cleaning strategies for the property or venue in question.

Assuming you do so with aplomb, expect to land several tenders you’ve been bidding for. The trickle will grow to a bright, dependable revenue stream, nourishing your accounts month after month. Take the Next Steps to your Rainbow International franchise for a parent brand that will support you at every stage of the journey.