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Unpredictable Weather? Here’s How To Prepare For Everything

June 3, 2019
Unpredictable Weather? Here’s How To Prepare For Everything

Occasionally, weather in the UK gets biblical. From fires scorching Yorkshire moors to severe flooding across Lancashire towns, we often brave all the elements.

There are 2.4 million UK properties at risk from flooding each year. Pair this with the fact that 40% of businesses don’t reopen after a flood, and it’s easy to understand why the mental health of those affected is impacted for an average of over two years.

In addition, there were 29,956 dwelling fires in 2018. Like flooding, the home is a dangerous and dour place in the aftermath of a fire – having an adverse effect on the resident.

This article helps deal with the unexpected by demonstrating how businesses and homeowners can prepare for anything – and, should the worst happen, how Rainbow franchise businesses can help.

Understand the wider implication of fire

While dwelling fires present an immediate threat to the resident, wildfires are equally threatening to individuals and businesses. In 2018, Saddleworth Moor was ablaze for three weeks.

The spread meant people were forced to move from their homes and businesses questioned whether or not to close their doors to the smoke.

Organisations feared it would devastate their operation. With animal and wildlife sites destroyed, tourism to the area ceased.

While it’s difficult to add prevention methods against fire, businesses that draw on Rainbow and our specialist cleaning and safety guidance can understand what to do in the event of a fire and speed up the recovery process.

For homeowners, we provide construction support as well as specialist restoration. We return homes to prime condition and even repair furniture where possible. If the fire is unlikely to reach the home, be conscious of the health problems that smoke can cause when mixed with natural air.

Fight flooding with high-tech equipment

Flooding costs the economy approximately £100,000 per hour for every major road affected. Not only are businesses and homes physically damaged, but employees and residents can’t commute to work.

What’s potentially more damaging is the fact that water stations in the UK can help spread disease. Currently, 55% of these sewage pumping works are threatened by flooding, with 34% significantly at risk. The debris and damp left behind must be hygienically cleansed with high-grade equipment.

Franchise businesses conduct recovery work throughout the UK, ensuring minimal downtime for businesses and actively counteracting the effects of flooding in homes. While we can’t stop bad weather, we can familiarise communities with the threats of flooding and be a solution in times of need.

Combat cold with insulation and detection

In 2018, freezing cold weather brought havoc to UK businesses, devastating the commute for thousands of individuals. This unseasonable frost also caused pipes to burst nationwide. This is the other side of water damage: pools of water forming inside the property.

When extreme cold freezes water in pipes, the metal expands, causing the pipe to burst and a leak to form within the walls or under the floor.

Residents can cover these pipes with insulation or apply draft blockers underneath doors to keep the property warm. However, once the leak occurs, a specialist becomes necessary.

Rainbow franchise businesses are equipped with elite leak detection tools. From thermal imaging to acoustic testing, our team ensure that a property is safe from water damage. Residents or business owners can sleep easy knowing that, if there is a leak, we’ll find it.

The unpredictable nature of the UK’s weather provides plentiful opportunities for Rainbow franchisees to show their worth to the community.

There is arguably no greater job than supporting local businesses in getting back on their feet and renovating the homes of affected residents – indeed, it can help change lives. If you would like to be the ultimate solution to hazardous weather, request a callback today.