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Quality Control: The Superpower Behind Your Reputation

June 29, 2017
Quality Control: The Superpower Behind Your Reputation

Various factors determine the success of a franchising business: the strength of the franchise model, the individual driving the branch, the team behind them, and much, much more. But all of these rely on one key principle that underpins the destiny of an organisation: quality control.


It’s quality control, in the end, that really matters for how people regard us. Rainbow International franchisees can flex their own superpowers, and gain an amazing reputation in their territory, by focusing on a top-class service. Here’s how it’s done…


A focus on personal progression


First and foremost, franchise owners have to be seen as a Leader, with a capital L. Fair enough – your specialist cleaning and restoration team will bring their own skills, wisdom and experience to bear on the projects you give them. Yet they have to feel valued, in addition to knowing you have a firm handle on their development.


In practice, that means learning as much about the industry as you can, and making sure your workforce is up to speed with fresh, innovative techniques. An appraisal process is essential: this communicates the Rainbow message, your own values, and ensures they can see what strengths/weaknesses need to be addressed.


And of course, beyond that, it reveals who’s best at what… Such insight can be used for directing the right people to a job.


Leading by example


Employers, whatever their caste, should never be afraid to hit the front lines of their service. ‘Mucking in’, as it were, is crucial for maintaining quality – not only will you test whether someone is really doing what they’re meant to; it’s also a winning impression for the client.


Consider dropping in to visit your team on-site during a project. Turn up on time, and complete your own work to the highest possible standard. If you lead by example, there’s very little cause for being out of touch. The brand can only benefit from your adherence to the policies and ideas you want to cultivate in others.


Overall, workers will respect you, and clients will discern your humility: two elements at the heart of a fantastic reputation.


Never shying away from feedback


Following on from this, you should always, always be prepared to soak in feedback – both good and bad – from those you assist in the field.


Rainbow International has a firm, metaphorical scaffold that props up the brand’s appeal. It’s been pieced together from emails, phone calls, face-to-face catch-ups… Any form of contact that lets us know how we’ve done. Even after thirty years, it’s still an essential principle. No business should rest on their laurels, even after a dizzying run of success!


Quality control might sound daunting, but with the right mindset it’s easy to implement a culture of excellence in your organisation. Taking charge, and letting your managerial eye pierce every level of a franchise branch, is the best superpower we can hope for. Put those aims into action by taking the Next Steps to a Rainbow investment.