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Married To The Job – The Reality Of Working With Your Partner

December 30, 2019
Married To The Job – The Reality Of Working With Your Partner

What’s it really like working with your partner? Many think it would be ideal to work with their significant other as trust, loyalty and familiarity are already there. But the importance of making time for yourself away from the business and your partner is essential to any successful franchise.

Join us as we explore the reality of working with your partner, and ways to maintain a healthy relationship at work and at home.

Playing to your strengths

When running a franchise business together, it’s always a good idea to play to your advantages. Respecting your partner’s strengths and potentially giving up some of the limelight could be more beneficial to the organisation in the long run.

Making the most of your skillset is essential. But dividing up difficult tasks is also a must. If the more demanding work is left to one person, this could cause friction within your relationship.

Krutika and Dev are a couple who currently own a territory together here at Rainbow International. When we spoke to them for our case study, they cited communication as a crucial part of working together well, but that focusing on what they’re best at is what really makes them such an iconic duo.

Securing a work-life balance

You might feel you must dedicate all your time to your business in order to make it successful. However, rest is also important and spending quality time with your partner – outside of work – is necessary for a healthy and effective partnership.

Striking a balance between work and your personal life can be a challenge. Whether you set aside some time at the end of the day or at the weekends to relax with your significant other, ensure you make a clear distinction between work and play – and leave all talk of the franchise business at the door.

It can be hard to switch off in this way, but by doing so you’ll be in a better frame of mind the next day. Watching the latest film or having a walk in the park are just some of the ways to deter your mind away from business. Turning off mobile devices and social media at night could also be beneficial, especially if your business accounts are connected to your personal ones.

Making time for yourself

Occasionally, you’ll need some time to yourself too. Self-care is a very important aspect to the modern working life.

With long hours in the workplace, you’re more likely to become physically and mentally exhausted, and become frustrated with your partner – especially as they can become a reminder of your work.

So take a breather, and plan some time for yourself. Exercising, reading a book or just having a drink with friends are great ways of finding time away from your partner and business to unwind and relax.

Staying as a team

The most important factor when it comes to running a business is sticking together and staying as a team. You can overcome obstacles more efficiently when working as a unit, rather than trying to figure it out yourself.

Two is often far better than one, and you have an advantage that other people might not have – so it’s important to make the most of the opportunity of working with your loved one. Don’t believe us? Check out Krutika and Dev’s full story for more information about franchising as a couple, and working with Rainbow in general.

If you’re interested in buying a franchise with your partner, or just want more information on what we do here at Rainbow, contact us today on 01623 675185 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.