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Reasons To Set Up A Franchise Business in Sunderland & Jarrow

January 19, 2018
Reasons To Set Up A Franchise Business in Sunderland & Jarrow

For budding franchisees based in the North East of England, Sunderland and Jarrow is a territory rife with opportunity. Buying a franchise in this region offers access to a large seaside city and neighbouring town a few miles north – two places in which Rainbow International services are often in high demand.

In this blog, we cast our eye over Sunderland and Jarrow and reveal why it is one of the finest spots to set up shop with a franchise business.


Coastal locations

Positioned on the east shoreline of England, Sunderland shares space with the North Sea, with many businesses and homes parked on the beachy Whitburn Bay and Sunderland Dock.

Given its coastal location, Sunderland suffers inclement weather and high winds much more than most, with nearby buildings demanding restoration services throughout winter.

Despite being positioned a little further afield in landlocked territory, Jarrow is forced to deal with a similar degree of damage during winter. The River Tyne is also situated to the north, which can rise and overflow in heavy rainfall, leading to flooding in the town.

Rainbow’s services are crucial to these territories, helping people to get back on their feet quickly following storms and spates of nasty weather.


Thriving small business scene

Sunderland is home to a refreshing blend of family-owned and corporate businesses – with century-old shops surviving on the high street whilst big hospitality names continue to invest in the city.

The region takes part in “Small Business Saturday” every year which urges shoppers to buy exclusively from local traders, whilst the likes of the Hilton, Premier Inn and Cairn Group have all opened hotels in the area.

The city will see a further £1.3bn of investment over the next four years, and the council are working hard to maintain the well-being of old businesses whilst also letting bigger corporations thrive.

A well-balanced business region, Sunderland is the place to be for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, with thousands of potential new clients. As Sunderland continues to thrive as a business hub, Jarrow remains less than ten miles away – right on the doorstep of all the action.


Low living costs

It isn’t just businesses that are flocking to Sunderland and surrounding areas. People are increasingly choosing this part of North East England to shack up – with the price of rent fees in Sunderland among the lowest in Britain.

A one-bed flat in this city costs just £384 on average per month – second only to Belfast in Northern Ireland (£375 p/month average).

The North East is also home to several major settlements as well as Sunderland, including Newcastle, Durham and Gateshead. Many people who work in these regions are choosing to live in Sunderland and commute, leading to the city becoming considerably busier.


UK franchise opportunities with Rainbow in Sunderland and Jarrow

Few regions need Rainbow like Sunderland and Jarrow. Given the high requirements for specialist cleaning and restoration services, strong growth projections and low rent prices, these areas offer some of the best franchise opportunities of 2018.


If you believe you’d be an ideal fit for a Rainbow franchise business in the North East of England, get in touch with our team by visiting our Next Steps section. Here, you can book a call with one of our team members and learn what’s involved when taking charge of a franchise in this part of the UK.

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