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Lead A Franchise Business In Liverpool And The Wirral

Rainbow - Liverpool Street

Liverpool is known for its culture. It’s the city that has more museums and galleries than anywhere outside of London. With a colourful mix of accents, heritage and architecture, as well as a range of shops, bars and restaurants, Liverpool is a truly unique landscape – and it’s abuzz with opportunities for specialist cleaners.

Outside of the city too, in wider Merseyside or the Wirral, there are plenty of franchise opportunities for cleaning and restoration services. Franchisees can start by attracting a combination of outmoded warehouses and old industry relics on the docklands which have been repurposed for creative enterprises. Once the client base is built there, journey under the Mersey Tunnels and explore the residential homes.

Whatever your desired client base, Liverpool and the Wirral are ideal for a franchise business in the North West. Here, we detail the multiple areas ripe with opportunity.

Lure in the commercial enterprises of Liverpool

With creative industries booming in the buildings of Liverpool’s past and regular investment of new shopping centres, it’s no surprise that the city is a hotspot for young professionals and startups. It’s estimated that over 50,000 people are employed in creative and digital roles in Liverpool. This is attracting innovative businesses to the area, creating purpose-built digital incubation and studio space along with data centres and solution companies.

The city council has approved plans in order to create approximately 885 new jobs throughout 145,000 sq ft of additional retail and leisure space. As a commercial cleaning franchise, it’s hard to find more diverse property types nearby. From the creative hubs in old industry mills desperate for restoration to the property developers wanting spotless exteriors for their latest investment, your services are needed.

Startups are considerably supported by the Business Growth Programme offered by the city council – a service funded by the European Regional Development Fund that guides organisations on a journey to sustainable business practice. It offers all local SMEs and franchise startups support in financial management, exporting, procurement and tender readiness as well as business planning, making it a fertile ground for new franchise businesses. 

In addition, in order to maintain the commercial clients you’ll be hoping to service, Liverpool Local Growth Hub offers their LCR 4.0 loan. As a means of supporting manufacturing and technology, LCR 4.0 promotes SMEs engaged in these sectors and its related supply chain (renewable technologies, and digital and creative industries, for example). Therefore, franchise businesses in the area know they have a sustainable influx of commercial clients for the foreseeable future.

Make the most of Merseyside growth support

Similarly, all businesses across the Merseyside area can access the Merseyside Special Investment Fund. The scheme offers loans or equity between £25,000 and £2 million. Another investment available to businesses in the wider area is the High Growth Business Investment Programme, which provides grants up to £75,000 or potentially higher – up to 20% of the project’s entire cost.

Perhaps more significant, however, is that Liverpool City Council will provide additional funding for businesses based in an area of high unemployment. If your startup or franchise business can be shown to create and support sustainable work, you will be rewarded with a discretionary fund scheme called Regional Investment Aid Merseyside. Simply prove that regional aid produces a genuine incentive for you to base your franchise business there, and you can expect to see up to 35% of your unit costs provided.

In addition to this, franchise businesses are set to benefit from the creation of the Liverpool City Region Production Fund. This is a budget designed to support more filming taking place across Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens and the Wirral. The fund (worth £2 million) will allow local, national and international production companies to bid for a maximum investment of £500,000 per proposal.

As a result, greater interest is expected to be created in the area, and this will drive the production companies to employ local people. In fact, if the company does not use the region for all or part of the project, employ local people or use local businesses during filming, they will not be eligible for the grant. There hasn’t been a better time to take advantage of the world-famous dock, bustling businesses and soon-to-be filming hotspot.

Win over residential clients in the Wirral

As part of the local council’s initiative to raise the Wirral’s profile, they wished to dramatically increase the visitor economy to £450 million. Leveraging the unrivalled beaches, Green Flag parks and heritage attractions, the council are determined to increase jobs and level out the wealth disparity of the area. Port Sunlight village, Birkenhead Park, Mersey Ferries and Lady Lever Art Gallery all attract a number of visitors to the Wirral, but the franchise opportunity isn’t just tourism – it’s also residential.

The small peninsula off the city is home to over 320,000 people. This community is one of the largest residences for Liverpool commuters and there is currently a widespread effort to maintain the wealth of the Wirral within the Wirral. For instance, Wirral Council keeps contracts and commissioning with local businesses, meaning that 34p in every £1 is spent on them.

This focus on keeping money inside of the Wirral has a knock-on effect on their economics and structure. The local counsellors will be using the circular economy model to rebuild the infrastructure of the area, including new homes, more retail spots and better workplaces. With an emphasis on rebuilding, a franchisee can seize the opportunity to support organisations in the restoration of their workplace or appeal to the Wirral’s residential properties in need of specialist cleaners.

The combination of good schools and amazing transport links has meant the Wirral was voted ‘Happiest Place To Live in the North West’ and third happiest in the UK in 2017. While franchisees may not choose to live here, they can make the most of the affluent client base that has relocated to the West-Cheshire belt for the beautiful scenery and an ideal commute to Northern cities.

Interested in leading your own team of specialist cleaners in Merseyside? We have a franchise for sale in the North’s cultural heart. All you need to do is request a call with a member of our team now, and you can join the ranks of those changing the face of Liverpool and the Wirral today.