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Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Starting a cleaning business involves a lot of self-examination… but it also requires you to take a look at your potential customer base.

By establishing a relationship with a prospective audience, you’ll be able to shape your services so that they meet this group’s needs and wants from the very beginning.

Here, we highlight a few ways in which to identify your ideal customer(s) and attract their interest.


Understand your service

Every cleaning service is expected to do what it says on the tin. But yours should go further than that if you want to stand out from the crowd. Do some research into your chosen cleaning area (residential, specialist, etc.) and compare franchise business success stories.

What equipment do you need? Where in the UK is there demand for your service? What can your service do and not do? Answer all of the above and you’ll be on your way to finding that ideal customer.


Stand in the customers’ shoes

This is an age-old adage, but it’s as relevant as ever. Stepping into someone else’s shoes and attempting to see things from their perspective can be hugely advantageous in business.

As you begin to assemble plans for your very own cleaning business, consider what you’d want from such a service. What would you expect in terms of standards? How much would you be willing to pay? Where would you go to find more information on specialist cleaning?

If you can think like the customer, you’ll put your business in prime position to deliver exceptional service.


What makes you different?

As the customer goes through their buying strategy – the process that helps them decide whether they need your service – they’ll inevitably begin weighing up your brand against the competition.

That’s why your cleaning company needs an appealing unique selling proposition (USP) that you advertise proudly and is present in every service you provide.

Perhaps it’s a pledge to finish work in a certain number of days? Maybe it’s a commitment to lower prices? Whatever it may be, you need something that makes you different.


Create a customer profile

With all this in mind, it’s worth creating a customer profile – a snapshot of your best possible buyer. Note down their details, preferences and demographics, and be sure to keep this profile visible as part of your business plan.

Regardless of whether you are a residential, commercial or specialist cleaner, having a customer profile on hand will help you maintain focus and continue working towards your targets.


Start a cleaning business with Rainbow

One of the best ways to get your cleaning ambitions off the ground is with a franchise business. For the best franchise opportunities in this sector, you need look no further than Rainbow.

Given our status as a leading specialist cleaning and restoration brand in Britain, every Rainbow franchise for sale comes with a huge support network.

If you choose to buy a franchise with Rainbow, you’ll give your cleaning business the best chance of success, as our professionals offer you all the support you need to identify your ideal customer.

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