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What Does A Working Day As A Franchisee Look Like?

When buying a franchise, you should ensure that it’s a decision you’re likely not to regret.

A key way to guarantee this sense of confidence is to see what a working day as a franchisee would be like.

Here, we explore a typical day in the life of franchisees in the specialist cleaning and restoration industry.


  • An early start

As a franchise business owner, you can’t miss out on anything, meaning lie-ins will be a thing of the past. Self-motivation is required – there will be no one telling you what to do, or when to do it.

This means you’ll have to schedule your own day. You can use this to your advantage – think about how you can organise your work to meet the business’ goals.


  • Work flexible hours

Owning a franchise business allows you to choose your own hours. You’ll have more control over when you take your holidays and can adapt your time to meet family and other commitments. But this won’t mean you can work whenever you please. 

There will likely be certain things to attend to, such as important meetings. Also, your personal time may, on occasion, be interrupted. You can reduce this by ensuring staff only contact you when it’s urgent, but you can never guarantee complete downtime.


  • Communicate with clients

It’s been found that client retention costs almost seven times less than acquiring new ones, so building and maintaining relationships will be essential to the long-term success of your franchise business.

Maintaining relationships requires constant client communication. Whilst you may have staff who help with relationship management, there will be large clients who you’re the main point of contact for.

When they get in touch, you’ll need to ensure their enquiries are dealt with – you never know when they may introduce you to other potential customers.


  • Manage staff effectively

You’ll have to speak with your team on an ongoing basis. Depending on the structure of your franchise business, it may only be senior members of staff that you communicate with.

Ensure they can do their tasks independently and contact time with you will be minimal.

It’s also crucial to develop an understanding of every function of the business, from finances to the specialist cleaning itself. If you’re a small business franchise, you may find that you have to cover these areas at some point.


  • Be on the hunt for new opportunities

Whilst retaining custom is important, you’ll also need to be constantly searching for new business opportunities. The franchisor can assist with training and support on this, such as how to recognise an opportunity.

You have to keep one step ahead of the competition to ensure they don’t get to your prospects before you do. Networking events with other franchisees will be common, and you can use these to discover the best ways to acquire new leads.

Owning a franchise business requires hard work, but with a reputable franchisor alongside you, like Rainbow, your chances of success will be much higher.

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