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The Rise Of Women In Franchising

April 26, 2017
The Rise Of Women In Franchising

Wherever you turn, it’s hard to overlook the calls for female equality in our work culture. Although women on the whole are more emancipated than they were, say, 50 years ago, we still have a lot of ground to gain.

We recognise this, and believe that franchisors – like us – should extend a hand to women in business, respecting who they are and what they want to accomplish. After all, more female entrepreneurs are flocking to the franchise model, and here’s why:


The state of female-led franchising

Anyone who believes in equal rights, no matter the area of work they’re in, can count themselves as a feminist. We live in a very diverse world, and everyone has a right to make something of themselves. Yet, beyond our personal wishes, what does the state of female franchising look like?

Well, you can take heart in the statistics we’ve plucked from the Franchise Business Review’s (FBR) 2017 report. The American industry body surveyed 6,400 female franchisees across 300 brands, asking them about the levels of respect, work/life balance and overall satisfaction they feel in their role.

The results are cause for celebration. The inclusivity of franchising has resulted in 90% claiming they enjoy what they do. Many agreed that they were loyal to their brand, and that franchisors treated them well; these categories came out above the 80% margin. Furthermore, 74% said they would do it again, knowing the exact same things they do today.

What does this show? Quite clearly, women are reacting positively to the franchise preposition: ‘We’ve built this enterprise up, and now it’s your turn to strengthen it.’ Anyone who’s been denied success in their career or personal venture – women, especially – can jump into a framework that’s been proven to make huge returns on investment if the right standards are met. The one measure of capability is how well you tackle the brand’s outlook and procedures. Gender doesn’t play a part in it.


How we’re championing female franchisors

A closer look at the FBR results shows something else: that, out of the most popular franchising sectors, ‘cleaning’ gives the best space between work and leisure time (71% agreed).

As a specialist cleaning and restoration service, Rainbow International is proud to exemplify this in our own corporate attitudes. We’re actually a member of Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF), which forges links to fantastic, dedicated female professionals across the UK. We believe in a fair, supported and balanced experience for women who (perhaps for the first time) are heading their own operation.

Additionally, eight franchisees in our network are solo, female business people, with another 32 in partnership with someone as a franchisee. On any of our Discovery Days, you’ll see a fair contingent of women, there to offer guidance and honest feedback from their time with Rainbow.


Equality and diversity should never be underestimated; Rainbow is committed to supporting both men and women in business. Want to join the family? Contact us to gauge your own suitability for a franchise opportunity today.