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Seize The Opportunity Ahead Of Next Year’s Freeze

December 27, 2018
Seize The Opportunity Ahead Of Next Year’s Freeze

February 2018 was one for the history books. In a perverse counterbalance to the Indian summer we’d welcome later in the year, the UK was hit by a blast of cold, high winds that tore across cities and countryside.

It was dubbed The Beast from the East: an Arctic event that coincided with Storm Emma. According to The Guardian, it cost British business £1bn every day for a week or more.

Many people were unprepared. Closed shutters and empty tills were a common sight in our high streets. But this is where a franchise business can step up to help. More, in fact – it can make a good profit on vital work if the same thing happens again.

How? Keep reading…


Extreme cold and business interruption

The Beast was a ferocious force on the UK economy. First of all, it kept customers at home; the urge to shop or dine out was reduced, and profits suffered.

Yet, more importantly, the winds and cold made a lasting impact on tens of thousands of venues. Pipes froze.

Buildings were left battered and bruised. Seaside areas, especially, felt the brunt of Storm Emma. This isn’t to mention the countless homes that were damaged or made damp or dirty by the Beast’s destructive impact.

Our Rainbow franchisees played a significant role in the repairs and clean-up. We specialise in disaster restoration which, in the case of February 2018, meant a spike in callouts across the nation.

With a business in desperate times, it’s about more than a quick fix – they must be back on their feet, active, and able to ride out the worst of harsh weather effects.

If you’re searching for franchise opportunities, it’s worth thinking how you might join the Rainbow International brand and rescue the staggering cost of business interruption in similar events – which is pertinent, because we may be in the midst of another cold snap…


The Beast Mark 2

Despite a relatively mild start to the winter, the Met Office has warned that we’re likely to see icy, fierce conditions well into January.

Our clients are more inclined than ever to hire a specialist cleaning team that knows its duty, inside and out. By leading a franchise business, you can earn extremely well from a task that people need to be done. Our training, support and advice will put the power in your hands.

Even if current forecasts are wrong, there’ll be a freak winter event sooner or later. It’s a by-product of our changing climate. And when it does occur, you’ll be there, armed with the specialist knowledge that can bring a business out of harm.

For more details, book a call with our recruitment team. You’ll be aiding a great cause, and will get the rewards you deserve.