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Setting Up A Franchise Business In Halifax, Huddersfield and Barnsley

February 15, 2018
Setting Up A Franchise Business In Halifax, Huddersfield and Barnsley

Yorkshire has some of the best countryside in Europe, and a huge selection of attractions that bring millions of visitors to its borders every year. Five distinct authorities have been united, but this hasn’t tempered West Yorkshire’s fine, diverse cultural quirks – or its suitability for all kinds of UK franchise opportunities.

Rainbow International have franchise territories for sale in this area. Our specialist cleaning and restoration teams are waiting for their next regional leader. Here’s what you can look forward to in Halifax, Huddersfield and Barnsley…



Situated approximately ten miles from Bradford, Halifax is packed with great Victorian architecture. From the People’s Park to the Grade II-listed Piece Hall, it is a holdover from the region’s bustling textile trade. Many riches flowed into the town at one time or another. In a sense, they haven’t stopped for the intrepid franchise business in Halifax, which can leap into prospective gains for the service sector.

Woolshops Shopping Centre is one example – a quaint, open-air collection of high street stores. There’s also Westgate Arcade for boutique delis, restaurants and bars that cater for the township’s independent scene.

The owners of these venues rely on services provided by Rainbow to remain at peak condition. With such gorgeous scenery at their periphery, any dirt, stains or unhygienic qualities are thrown into sharper relief; specialist cleaning is a must.



A small business franchise in Huddersfield has a lot of clients to cater for, with a rough population of 150,000. They filter out through the eight wards including Greenhead, Lindley and Ashbrow.

Dig deeper, and you’ll find an impressive local economy worth almost £6bn a year. Brands like Mamas & Papas, the baby product retailer, are based there. Huddersfield’s net contribution to the wider Leeds/West Yorkshire region is set to increase by 37% in the coming decade. Service franchises are jumping at the chance to position themselves as essential for spates of fresh investment.



The last of our trio of locations is Barnsley, a prominent town that crosses into South Yorkshire along the M1. What marks this town out? It has a high number of market facilities and former industrial mills, the latter of which powered growth at the tail-end of the 19th century. Barnsley also enjoys a churn rate of only 4.98%, meaning that business tend to retain 19 out of 20 customers in their financial cycle. It is still a healthy base for new ventures to prove themselves.

Some top-name brands have chosen to benefit from the area too; ASOS, Ardagh Glass and Premier Foods have a presence here. Rainbow are experienced in treating facilities on a comparative level, readying them for commercial production. Buy a franchise in Barnsley and see how your networking skills can lead you to securing similar contracts.

We’re offering a door to all three of these regions as part of a contemporary franchise bid. We want to find the savviest, most committed business leaders to beat a path forward for Rainbow International’s service model – could you be among them? Contact our recruitment team to enquire about UK franchise opportunities in Barnsley, Halifax and Huddersfield.