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Social Media For Franchises – How Can You Use It?

February 11, 2019
Social Media For Franchises – How Can You Use It?

Going digital is one of the most effective ways to market your franchise business, and building a social presence should be a key focus in this tactic. However, unless you have significant experience, you’ll likely be wondering how to use social media marketing for franchises.

Here, we guide on the best practices to help you reap the rewards from this marketing channel.

Understand your audience

Our first social media for franchises tip is to recognise exactly who you’ll be speaking to on the platforms. The franchisor will be able to provide some information, but locality will make a difference so it’s a good idea to conduct your own research. There will likely be at least small distinctions in terms of demographics like age.

Build personas from these. Know your audience’s goals, values and challenges, and identify what they expect from your franchise’s social media. Which platforms are they on? What type of content do they engage with? How ‘human’ will your brand be on social media?

Figuring out the answers to these should help you determine your tone of voice so that you can attract them to enquire about your services or buy from you. The franchisor will likely have social media guidelines for franchises, however again locality may mean your ‘voice’ needs to be tweaked. Depending on how formal the franchise is, you may be able to use emojis, humour or even sarcasm.

Create a strategy

With the audience information collated, you should then have what’s necessary to build an effective strategy. This will consist of a variety of different elements, including specific goals and a social media policy. You may want your team to have an input in using social media to boost your impact. There should be strict guidelines, whether you have hired an in-house specialist or existing employees are pitching in to help.

Put together a posting schedule too. Use analytics to find the optimum times for sharing and interacting with your audience. Consistency is key to manage their expectations. It might not be necessary to post daily, but ensure you post enough and engage with any responses promptly. An effective process will need to be put in place to deal with any complaints, so you can maintain a positive online reputation.

Additionally, make sure this isn’t just a Facebook strategy for franchises. Whilst it’s the most popular, each platform differs in terms of how it’s used to reap the rewards of social media marketing – you might find that your audience engages more on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Measure your results

One of the best social media tips for franchises to take on board is knowing that a fantastic strategy can always be improved. Social media is ever-changing, as is the audience who uses it, so don’t make the mistake of being complacent. Fine-tune your strategy on a regular basis by using your analytics.

These measure key statistics such as franchise engagement, reach and audience following. You can then take the steps to boost these by refining your messages or approach, as well as figure out any additional goals you should be aiming towards. This will not only help you optimise what you’re doing, but work out whether you’re receiving a return on your investment.

You can also ensure profitability by partnering with the right franchisor. There’s no need to look any further than Rainbow, leading supplier of specialist cleaning and restoration services. Our ongoing training and support means you’ll know exactly how to market a franchise using social media, as well as how to successfully manage all the other crucial business functions.

To discover the franchise territories we have available that may suit you, request a callback from a member of our team today.

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