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How To Spot The Best Franchise Opportunities

August 22, 2017
How To Spot The Best Franchise Opportunities

Is it possible to be a successful entrepreneur without being a gambler by nature? Many believe that all business owners are risk-takers. After all, how can you launch a company without taking a few chances along the way? Whilst the term “gambler” might have some truth to it, a better way to describe an entrepreneur is “a person who makes their own luck”.

A lot of wealthy businesspeople have made their fortunes by being in the right place at the right time. But, in most cases, they were in these spots because they’d successfully separated the good opportunities from the ones with little potential. With franchising, it’s crucial to identify a credible organisation with prospects to turn your investment into a personal profit. Here are the signs to look for…

Multiple success stories

For a real indication of the inner workings of a business, the solution is to go straight to the source and listen to people who’ve been there before you. Franchisees typically fall into two camps: those who fail to see viable return on their investment, and those who flourish.

Becoming a franchisee is quite a journey, meaning many who get involved are willing to tell their tale – be it a positive or negative experience. If you can locate numerous success stories from various franchisees in the same company, the odds suggest you’re looking at a very safe opportunity for investment.

Strong foundations

Hedging your bets in franchise business involves determining the stability of a particular organisation. Any franchise peddling a product or service that sells well in the most testing market conditions is always worth consideration, but you can feel assured of a safety net by examining the foundations on which the business was built.

Rainbow International, for example, is part of the ISS Group – a worldwide conglomerate with a huge market presence. Imagine running a franchise with this sort of influence and power behind you…

Guidance and support

Being a franchisee is rewarding and stimulating, but it’s also extremely challenging. No matter what type of service you’re providing, you’ll need a strong support network to fall back on, a set of staff you can rely upon, regular training, and a senior company representative to speak to whenever you need guidance. A franchise that provides all of the above gives you the best chance of success.

Beauty below the surface

Some franchise opportunities look like huge fun – especially those that serve “exciting” products. But too many franchisees have found themselves limping along after investing in a company that had sparkle on the surface and little substance underneath. Don’t get dazzled by exteriors – take a closer look below to see if there is plenty to work with other than image. Many of the most “popular” franchises (like food and drink) are attractive because of their look, but are in fact extremely difficult to make any real profit from.

Rainbow are one of the most reputable and dependable franchises in the UK. Our partners enjoy thriving investments thanks to our recession-resistant service and strong support network. As far as franchise opportunities go, Rainbow is the very definition of a fantastic opportunity. Get involved today by visiting our Next Steps section.