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A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In North Wales

February 8, 2018
A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In North Wales

UK franchise opportunities are an emblem of what makes professional leadership so rewarding. Taking a business-in-a-box to somewhere new is certainly a challenge, but it’s one we look forward to. Making a franchise work reminds us that success can be driven anywhere with enough creativity and determination behind a concept.

Take the lush, endless hills of North Wales, for instance – it has some of the best scenery in Great Britain, with its own language and culture, yet remains an excellent commercial launchpad for service teams.

Thinking of buying a franchise in North Wales? We want to tell you why it’s so appealing…


Measuring the economy in the Welsh heartlands

North Wales properly begins outside Chester, in the borough of Saltney, where one half of a popular road runs down the English/Welsh border. Hundreds of miles roll from there to Snowdonia National Park, linked by the A5 and A494. The intervening space is similar to what you’d find on a postcard image of the country: vast, verdant landscapes peppered by waterfalls, mountains and tree canopies.

Much of the area is rural. Because of this, North Wales is a major international tourist destination. 100 million day visits were recorded in 2017 – a 33% increase on the previous year. Holiday homes, hospitality venues and local market traders are a lynchpin of the economy. Large towns give them somewhere to ply their trade: Wrexham employs around 3,000 people in accommodation and food service activities.

But if we take Wrexham as an example of the broader economic state, manufacturing, healthcare and construction are the biggest industries – there’s a lot to love beyond the tourism sector. A small business franchise like Rainbow International can treat the large and small-scale structures that are needed to keep North Wales a modern, commercial proposition for development.


The benefits of coastal business

When we turn to the coast, however, we find the real advantages of buying a franchise in North Wales. The wild seaside is home to Bangor, a city with a population pushing 20,000. There are dozens of influential companies here, contributing to the £34.91bn turnover of the 300 top businesses in Wales as a whole. Rainbow teams are poised to treat their facilities with deep specialist cleaning techniques.

Stepping back towards the English border, there are many places with their own, characterful advantages for new franchise leaders. Prestatyn, for instance, has a generous share of vintage seaside attractions. Llandudno has experienced a rash of hotel, leisure and heritage investments in the last year or two. Talacre, meanwhile, has beautiful resort facilities that need to be maintained.

Finally, we should mention that the Welsh coastline is at severe risk of heavy, shattering storms. Flooding is a major issue for residents along these communal strips of land. Rainbow teams can prevent lasting damage, thanks to our disaster recovery skills, and a franchise business in North Wales can easily assume a vital role for getting homes, venues and industrial structures back to their best.


By now, you may be eager to see where a franchise for sale in North Wales might be… That’s a conversation we’d very much like to have with prospective, competent leadership figures. Speak to our recruitment advisors for the Next Steps to a bid.