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A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In South Wirral & Liverpool

March 13, 2018
A Spotlight On… UK Franchise Opportunities In South Wirral & Liverpool

Some parts of the UK are known for their dynamic qualities. They wear it like a golden badge of honour, knowing they can face down any change in society, culture or the economy. Liverpool and the South Wirral are amongst them, offering huge rewards for those who trust in their opportunities.

If you’re looking for a franchise for sale in an up-and-coming area, you can’t go wrong with UK franchise opportunities in South Wirral and Liverpool. Although we’ve introduced you to the region already, let’s delve further into what makes the Scouse landscape so special…


Liverpool’s historic independence


Many cities spring up around waterways, but Liverpool has closer ties than most to its maritime history. Trade with Ireland, Brazil and North America made it very rich during the 18th and 19th centuries. The River Mersey – and the daunting stretch of the Atlantic Ocean – brought goods from across the New World. Using that economic power, Liverpool began to rely on itself more than the wider nation; the community has always had a reputation for doing things its own way.

Today, those ideals are still present, as £5bn worth of investment was pumped into the city from the mid-2000s to 2016. Banks, food chains and financial centres descended on the region after it won European Capital of Culture status in 2008. Through its dense urban circuitry, Liverpool began to welcome many new bars and restaurants along Hope Street, Catherine Street, the docks themselves and the effervescent neon of Concert Square.

A franchise for sale in Liverpool has a lot to look forward to, in terms of acquiring clients. It is the second-fastest growing economy beyond London. As a whole, the city nets £121bn for British trade and consumer sales. A franchise business like ours can encounter buzzing residential districts, as well as jobs for glassmakers, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants and wholefoods production in the outlying areas.


Looking over the water…


A trip by ferry across the Mersey, or through either of the pair of main tunnel roads, will take you to South Wirral, which exists in its own cultural hemisphere. There are pubs, garden towns and country trails offering a cosy slice of British life for tourists and day visitors. It is a relatively quiet peninsula compared to the frenzy of Liverpool, but there are several reasons why it’s good for business.

Our Rainbow franchise for sale in South Wirral comes on the heels of growth plans spearheaded by the local council. Although manufacturing has been the core of South Wirral’s economic output for many decades, housing and service-led investment is rising. The Wirral makes up around a third of Merseyside’s financial value. Rents are extremely low; this fact alone helps technical, organisational and societal projects easier to achieve. From now until 2035, there are aims to attract civil nuclear plants, more waterfront warehouses, clean energy providers and digital startups. As a franchise business in South Wirral, you are at the centre of these developments.

We urge you to check out either of our two prime locations for specialist cleaning and restoration. In fact, we’d love to tell you more about why a franchise for sale in Liverpool and South Wirral is so attractive… Head to the Next Steps section of our website to chat with a member of our team and find out anything you want to know.