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Andrew’s Story

So far, Andrew has done much with his Rainbow International territory in Northern Ireland, exceeding business targets (and setting new ones) in his first year. We chat to Andrew about what it’s like to be part of the Rainbow family…

Andrew’s Story

My background is quite eclectic. I worked as a project manager for quite a few years before moving to the oil and gas industry; then, in time, the restoration sector. I’d always worked with other contractors, so being my own boss seemed like it could bring welcome opportunities. Franchising promised the extra security I wanted.

Around six months passed until I acted on the idea, having consulted several contacts for advice. I was already familiar with Rainbow International, and the company seemed professional – the franchise team had a good understanding of what they were looking for, and I felt like I would be a good fit both in terms of my work ethic and background.

Eventually, I decided to take the leap by purchasing a territory in Northern Ireland, County Derry. I embarked on the recruitment process in September or October 2016, which led to the launch of my franchise business in spring the following year.

A day in the life of Andrew

At first, only my father and I worked for the business – there are nine of us now! My sister helped out a little with admin too. Anything I asked my dad to do, he did it, no question. Family is very important to me. Thanks to Rainbow, I’ve managed to give them a good job with the potential for huge rewards, which I absolutely can’t value enough.

My main strength is project management; multiple jobs tend to be running at the same time. There are no other technicians in the team either, so I’m out every day performing structural surveys, gauging how much manpower we need, and ordering fresh equipment. Inspecting satisfies me, but solving the basics is more crucial than the small, intricate details, especially when I have tens of claims to process at once…

The biggest thing I’ve realised is not to take anything on too quickly. Saying “Yes” can overwhelm you; this happened a lot in my first few weeks. But I went on to hit my annual target in Month Six… Back in August, Northern Ireland was weathering a couple of severe floods, and they doubled my revenue once more. As of October 2017, I’m working towards three times my initial Year One target.

Rainbow International Franchise has been integral to this success, offering guidance when I needed it most. For the first 100 days after training, they checked in with a daily call, overseeing my progress from afar. They also helped me set realistic targets that I could hit and even exceed. Getting through half of my first year was the hard part; now, I’m looking forward to building on this success as I grow my franchise business.”


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