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Noreen’s Story

Our Glasgow East partner, Noreen, has been a Rainbow International franchisee for 20 years. So we decided to have a chat with Noreen, to learn about her journey so far, and what it’s like running her own business.

Noreen’s Story

“In December 1995, we came home one night to find our neighbour’s house on fire. The next day, Rainbow International arrived to restore the damage, and we were amazed by the speed at which the team transformed their property.

The following year, we heard the Glasgow East branch of Rainbow had become available, and my husband, Kevin, invested in the franchising business. At the time, I was working in banking, but I helped out with HR, accounts and marketing occasionally. Eventually, I took on a part time role, having left the corporate world to start a family.

However, 8 years ago, my husband became seriously ill, so I stepped in to manage the business. It was a steep learning curve, but Rainbow and its franchisees offered invaluable support in helping us get the business on track to where we are today.”

A day in the life of Noreen

“Two days are never the same in this business. Every day presents a fresh set of jobs, problems, and rewards, which is exactly what I love about it. Most of our business is self-generated, meaning I spend much of my week promoting the franchise through networking, exhibitions, talks and meetings.

My field operations technical manager co-ordinates staff, so I can be as hands-off as I need to be. However, I’m passionate about ensuring our team does a great job every time, so I still get involved in day-to-day decision-making and problem-solving. It just means that I leave technical aspects of the work to those with the expertise!

As we now have 14 staff in the business, I’m gaining more flexibility with my workflow, and enjoying the lifestyle I always wanted – taking care of the school run, and being there when the kids get home on an evening.

I’ll never take my eye off the ball in terms of generating new business, training staff and investing in equipment, but I’ve finally achieved a fantastic work-life balance.”


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