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Twana’s Story

After managing property, restaurants and the demands of a university course, Twana Bawa found himself with not one but five franchise territories under his care. How did he get to this point? Let’s find out…

Twana’s Story

“I came to the UK originally to study in Birmingham. I was working towards a security diploma; something that, in itself, has gained much franchise attention in recent years. The science behind materials, environments and systems has always fascinated me. By 2013, I had completed my studies and was ready to move back to Iraq, but decided against it. There was too much unrest. I had my degree but wasn’t sure if I’d commit to that line of work here.

So you might say that David, from Rainbow International’s franchise recruitment team, caught me at a perfect time. I expressed some interest, and he came to meet me in person. Much of my eventual choice was down to that initial contact. He was very honest and approachable.

Months later, after training, I was excited but a little apprehensive about starting from scratch. That’s why I purchased four territory resales (Coventry, Nuneaton, Solihull and Hinckley) as well as a new territory in Coleshill. Rainbow was great at supporting my need to learn everything about operational standards. Now I have a clear-cut view of the link between insurance and my administrative team, in addition to client and technician relationships. Full awareness has given me that confidence and belief in myself.”

A day in the life of Twana

“Flooding is one of the most persistent sources of business for us in Coventry and the Black Country. Sometimes we’re hellishly busy. Other assignments include damp recovery. It’s funny because we don’t have damp in my country – that was one of the steepest learning curves!

Typically, I’ll start the day with a couple of monitor visits – checks on the properties we’ve been seeing to. Then I’ll go on a restoration job, joining technicians in the field. Helping people is my greatest reward, so it’s important to get back to basics with the team as often as I can.

By the afternoon, I’m in the office helping out my Administration Manager with the paperwork. This takes me to 6pm after providing a couple of quotes for future assignments. Yet if I’m out on a long mission, I’ll be there until midnight. Then it’s straight up at 7 or 7:30am again the next day… It’s a semi-rare occurrence, but a bracing one, I can assure you!

Rainbow International handed the keys to an incredible amount of freedom. Sure, it’s a tiring position to fill, with five branches off the bat. But I think it’s testament to the support I’ve received that, years later, I’m still bearing the passion of my very first day with the brand.”


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