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Hiring Techniques That Build Successful Franchises

August 19, 2019
Hiring Techniques That Build Successful Franchises

You’ve done it. You’ve led your franchise venture single-handedly, and now you’re successful enough to bring on more team members.

Employing someone in your franchise business is, in essence, sharing your vision. You’re moving from entrepreneur to business owner, and you’re putting your reputation and livelihood into the hands of another.

That’s why, in this guide, we’re exploring the ways to tweak your hiring strategy to ensure you only employ individuals who will embrace your vision.

Use every inch of job ads

The most important thing to keep in mind when advertising a role is that the ad itself is an extension of your brand. Think about it: an advertisement for a position at your franchise business may be an entire audience’s first point of contact with your organisation. So describe the responsibilities and opportunities with the same vigour that sold you on the venture in the first place.

This serves two purposes. Firstly, it helps to attract those that will enjoy the work and genuinely assist you in developing your vision as well as their own talents. Secondly, it deters those that are unsure of the responsibilities and will ultimately slow down the interview stage.

Remember, you need someone who will fit the culture you’re aiming to create. It’s just you and them – there will be little room to avoid one another. So, being specific about what a typical day looks like at your organisation will allow the later interview stages to focus entirely on whether this new person will fit.

Narrow down candidates before the interview stage

Don’t waste time between the application and the interview. If you’re looking to develop your organisation, you need to seize the momentum which prompted the hire. Respond to their application and arrange the subsequent face-to-face meeting. Alternatively, conduct phone or video calls initially to save time later down the line.

Currently, you rely on your own working time to sustain your operation. By taking a full day (or two) to conduct interviews, you could lose a considerable amount of income. A 10- to 15-minute call for each application can be a lifesaver.

Similarly, asking applicants about their skills and experience that you’ve marked as a necessity for the role allows you to whittle your longlist down to a few qualified prospective employees.

Let personality make the final decision

It can’t be understated how much personality and character plays a role here. Bringing on board someone that isn’t interested in representing your business franchise can lead to all manner of HR concerns that you may not be capable of coping with. Of course, this requires a little work on your part.

Know beforehand the kind of employee you want. If you want someone with a great work ethic to deliver your services, there are qualities you can recognise early on. Alternatively, if you want a member of staff who is more laissez-faire and a big hit with clients, then bear this in mind.

Include behavioural questions at the interview stage that gauge the candidates decision-making process. Describe a standard job-related incident and ask them how they would handle it – or have handled it previously. It’s a good idea to go beyond the questions you’ve heard time and time again; find unique ways to measure their response to stress in order to elicit a more genuine answer.

Make a poor hire, and you could end up getting discouraged from effectively progressing as a franchisee. That’s where we come in. Here at Rainbow, our franchising team are equipped to deliver hiring strategies that make teams for life. Your business franchise’s success depends on seamless collaboration and we aim to make that happen.

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