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Business Podcasts You Need To Get Ahead This Summer

May 21, 2019
Business Podcasts You Need To Get Ahead This Summer

For some time now, podcasts have stood at the forefront of intellectual conversation. Their format of largely unedited, unrestricted dialogue has lured in listeners around the globe and the medium is now used to discuss everything from politics to art.

Business is no exception. Ideas that encapsulate what it means to be an entrepreneur or successful marketer are being downloaded and dissected in the startup community and beyond.

Whatever stage your franchise business dreams are at, we thought it would be useful for all budding franchisees to capitalise on the audio wisdom available to them. That’s why we put together a list of our top four business podcasts to give your franchise opportunity legs this summer.

Marketing Week

Marketing Week is a business hub and magazine that covers the marketing industry in the UK. Its prominence in the sector means its podcast bags some of the biggest names in marketing and provides genuine authority on related subjects.

Their award-winning editorial team are first on the scene with some of the latest news in marketing. As a result, the podcasts feature conversations on forward-thinking concepts – such as the unknown future of customer loyalty and the looming recruitment crisis.

For aspiring leaders of franchise businesses, the Marketing Week podcast presents a forum of ideas and industry updates that can guide your efforts – helping you stay abreast of techniques and tools being favoured by those in the know.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

From Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams to billionaire Sir Tom Hunter, Rob Moore’s The Disruptive Entrepreneur brings a mix of personal success and passion for business to offer genuine advice. Twice a week, the investor and author releases unique content designed to inspire startups and large companies alike.

His episodes cover everything from feeling overwhelmed and not believing in luck to becoming successful and scaling up a social media presence. His enthusiastic approach is unrivalled in the UK business podcast scene, and the programme itself is designed to help you become an innovator in your industry.

For fledgling businesses or franchisees, the podcast is an opportunity to see where successful people went against the grain, and how you can similarly tear up an industry with unique ideas to leave your competitors in the dust.

The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show is possibly the most-listened-to business podcast available. It features in a number of ‘top lists of all time’ and was the first business/interview podcast to pass 100 million downloads. While Tim Ferriss operates in the US, his approach offers genuine value to investors and entrepreneurs globally.

His guests range from economist Malcolm Gladwell to self-help expert Tony Robbins, making his show one of the more diverse in terms of perspectives. Unlike our two previous examples, the Tim Ferriss Show applies his methodology to areas outside of business, including sports and culture.

While this might not go into the detail that some listeners may expect, it does appeal to those looking for a broader range of guests and subjects.

The Bottom Line

Finally, back in the UK, The Bottom Line is a BBC-produced podcast, presented live on BBC Radio 4. Hosted by Dragons’ Den presenter Evan Davis, the show homes in on contemporary business issues as well as wider discussions on UK business as a whole.

As with most BBC podcasts, the conversation is firmly led by its host with clear and concise questioning. It’s formatted to be as useful to the listener as possible with all guests being specialists, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

With a 30-minute runtime, The Bottom Line makes a nice entry point into the podcast medium. There’s even a franchising-specific episode available here. Business franchises can witness the discussion between Ken Deary (Franchisor, Right at Home), Rachana Pancholi (Franchisee, Subway) and Roz Goldstein (Founder, Goldstein Legal) as they analyse the pros and cons of franchise opportunities.

Considering buying a franchise? Choose a franchisor that innovates. The above podcasts celebrate innovation and drive progress across various industries. As a franchisee, you want the backing of someone that does the same. At Rainbow, we offer full marketing support along with guidance towards commercial success. If you’d be interested in joining an organisation that celebrates big ideas and sector discussion, get in touch today.