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Taking A Franchise Business To Exhibitions & Beyond

October 13, 2017
Taking A Franchise Business To Exhibitions & Beyond

Buying a franchise is a commitment, there’s no question about that. As well as the initial investment, you’ll need to maintain and uphold the brand image. But the very best franchising opportunities (like Rainbow International) are reserved for those who want to actively enhance a business, rather than simply rest on the company’s laurels.

To attract a higher number of clients, you’ll need to think outside the box: explore networking events, spread the word among your contacts, and perhaps even take your business to exhibitions. Here, we explore the benefits of exhibiting your franchise at an exhibition, and why these occasions can prove so valuable…


Cost-effective promotion

The price of putting together a stall and renting a space on an exhibition floor can appear exorbitant at first glance, but the prospects you can attract from a successful exhibition stint can render the investment more than worthwhile.

Exhibitions might not be cheap overall, but they are often far more cost-effective than other promotional methods like conventional advertising – pulling in noticeable results at a quicker pace so your franchise gathers crucial momentum.


Pitching to people and businesses

Rainbow’s services appeal to both businesses and the general public. As a franchisee, you are free to pick and choose the types of exhibitions you think might be worth attending.

Whilst some will be reserved exclusively for businesses, others will be open to anyone and everyone. Rainbow International can provide for all, and the eclectic guest lists at exhibitions mean that potentially interested parties are rarely far away.


Face-to-face meetings

The digital world might have rendered several forms of traditional communication obsolete, but meeting people in person will always hold immense value.

At exhibitions, you can pitch in person – answering questions there and then and showing stall visitors exactly what they can expect to receive from the business. Selling is so much more effective when conducted face-to-face, which is why exhibitions remain so popular.


Showing what makes you different

Exhibitions are, by their very nature, extremely competitive. But being positioned alongside rival brands isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can actually benefit your branch in more ways than one.

With as little as a few metres between your stall and others’, exhibition visitors will be able to easily spot the subtle differences between similar companies. This gives you the ideal opportunity to show people what makes your branch different and how Rainbow is so unique.

If you’re prepared to put the time and effort into active promotion, running a franchise business could be for you. We consider applicants on their enthusiasm, determination and passion as well as business acumen, and we encourage anyone who can meet these demands to get in touch.


Our superb support team will tell you everything you need to know about Rainbow’s UK franchise opportunities, so book a call today and see if you’re a perfect fit.