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How Technology Is Transforming The Cleaning & Restoration Sector

June 1, 2017
How Technology Is Transforming The Cleaning & Restoration Sector

Here at Rainbow, we’re used to tough, specialist cleaning tasks. Our customers know that they require a bit more than elbow grease and determination: it’s a big reason why we’re so valued around the UK.

The cleaning and restoration sector, like any other, is resting on new, innovative equipment that makes our job more accomplished. If you’re thinking of purchasing a franchise from us, we’d love to expound on how our toolset is bettering those services nationwide.

So join us for a bells-and-whistle stop tour of the technology we rely on. Who knows – it could be yours to manage very soon…


Fast and targeted drying methods

Flooding is a severe risk for hundreds of thousands of homeowners every year. The same goes for offices, venues and commercial hubs that are situated in flood-prone areas. Beyond this, there’s the omnipresent potential for damp and mildew blight, especially in old buildings that haven’t been renovated to a good standard.

Since moisture can seep into walls, carpets, furniture and flooring, our customers may need an interior back to habitable condition in a matter of days, so their lives or business can resume as normal.

In response, we’ve stayed on the curve of the latest industrial drying machinery. Our head office has a technical department: it tests the latest kit direct from the manufacturers, before making a decision on what to hand to our restoration crew. We’ve managed to find dryers that are way more effective than their predecessors, saving around 30% of the time it takes for a complete dry-down.

We deploy low-energy dryers when they’re necessary, saving service costs for the treatment of dense materials. Other methods take in pressure drying for wall cavities and thick, layered floor construction – there isn’t a single piece of architecture that we can’t make good as new, devoid of damp once more!


Keeping an eye on cleaning product innovation

As you may know, Rainbow International has a bright, whole-hearted commitment to sustainable cleaning practices. The chemicals we use are kind to the world around us. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing results in the pursuit of ecological care. Far from it, actually: Rainbow constantly hunt down the best new cleaning agents on the market.

There are many perks to being eco-friendly, aside from the reduced carbon footprint. It makes us very capable at dealing with textiles, since they won’t disintegrate at the touch of our fluids, or retain negative chemical influences when we pack up.

It’s also a boon for our fire damage countermeasures. After thick coils of smoke spread through a premises, the last thing a customer wants is even more irritants in the air. All-natural techniques are ideal for purifying the site we’ve been called out to. As the industry develops, we’re seeing eco-friendly tools become cheaper, and more competitive, in regards to their talents.

Fascinating, isn’t it? These developments aren’t slowing down; if anything, the rate of change is building, just like our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. If you’re set on a Rainbow franchise opportunity, then see our Next Steps, and lead the people who are unleashing this tech where it counts…