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Things You Must Do Before Becoming A Franchise Owner

August 15, 2017
Things You Must Do Before Becoming A Franchise Owner

You’ll struggle to find a franchisee who listed this line of work as their “dream job” before getting involved. Unlike other occupations, franchising isn’t something that people feel they are born to do from the beginning. It’s something that typically calls you at a certain time in your life – long before retirement but after you’ve gotten a good taste of organisational seniority.

When all the pieces are in place and the time is right, you’ll stumble across franchising and find the concept impossible to ignore. But this is where you must tread carefully. Before you leap into franchising with both feet, it’s important to dip your toe in first.

Here are the steps worth taking before you take the big dive into the franchising world.


Becoming a franchisee involves putting money into someone else’s idea – so you need to truly believe in the company’s values from the beginning. The best franchise opportunities are invariably businesses with brilliant reputations.

Before you apply, you should do some investigating about what the organisation stands for, who they work with, and why they have been so successful. It’s also worth taking the time to learn from current and former partners about their experiences as franchisees. This will give you invaluable insight as to what the role involves.

Risk and reward

Some would argue that every business venture is a gamble. For anyone starting their own model from scratch, this notion rings loud and true. But for franchisees taking on a tried and tested service, risk is greatly reduced. At least, that’s the theory.

The franchise model might work a dream, but if you don’t have the capital to get started or the necessary experience to run your own division, you’ll struggle to recoup your investment and complete all your tasks to a high standard.

Before becoming a franchisee, you must identify whether you are in a strong enough financial position to cope, and also if the franchisor in question will be offering you adequate support along the way.


Starting a new chapter and investing in a small business franchise sounds thrilling – and it is – but have you considered whether you’re cut out for it? Franchising does involve using someone else’s prosperous idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Far from it, in fact.

Franchisees have to have a certain set of skills in order to be able to lead from the front and keep the reputation of the company afloat. It’s an enormous (and enormously rewarding) challenge, so you need to be honest with yourself before you get involved. Are you mentally tough? A leader? Entrepreneurial? Innovative? Self-motivated? Positive? A fast learner? If you answered yes to all of the above, you may be what franchises are looking for…

Rainbow International offer unwavering support to partners, and continue to enjoy a terrific reputation as a reliable, trusted franchising brand. We take time to recruit the right people to bring into our family, which helps to keep our network strong and efficient across the board. Is franchising sounding more like you with every word? Head to our next steps section to book a call and find out more.