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Is It Time To Dump Your Employer Before Valentine’s Day?

January 31, 2018
Is It Time To Dump Your Employer Before Valentine’s Day?

As the pink fuzz of Valentine’s Day nears – with its cavalcade of cards, wine bottles and restaurant bookings – you may be inspired to look at another relationship beyond your partner.

How, for instance, is your work situation shaping up? The role might be stifling, tough and devoid of any pleasures; basically the traits we avoid in our personal lives.

But there’s no reason to accept a bad coupling with a boss who doesn’t reward or respect you. Franchising can offer a way out. Ask yourself the following to determine whether a new career as a franchise business owner will make you fall in love with work again.


Are you being paid enough?

Succeeding at a career takes time. That’s a fair assumption, but only if you feel like you’re being compensated well for your hard-earned skills. The corporate ladder can go a long way up; there will doubtless be other people fighting for a pay rise, or a change in their benefits package. We’re guessing that some of you reading this have been overlooked, in some capacity, when hoping to get your dues.

Running a franchise business is wholly different, because you set the agenda. Success is down to you and your team. Many of our franchise partners earn a very respectable salary, once they’ve proven their strengths in the commercial service arena.


Do they listen to you?

Rainbow International lend an open ear to what our franchise partners want – even before they sign a contract agreement. This never diminishes: we are serious about advising on goals, expansion plans and operational decisions.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the state of play for working under an employer. Big organisations are at special risk of forgetting what their staff value most about the job. Any number of targets (learning a new skill, gaining a flexible shift pattern, liaising better with other staff members, etc.) can slide into the swamp of a bad office culture.

You deserve to be heard. It might be hard to break out of what you’re used to, but the only other option is to admit a professional kind of Stockholm syndrome where you have affection towards an employer who is keeping your goals hostage.


Is there much variety in the relationship?

Boredom, over time, will kill any sense of urgency and excitement. A job should never be the same, grinding routine every day. Variety is the spice of life, and leading a small business franchise is truly what you make of it.

A glance at a few of our Success Stories will show you just what a Rainbow bid can do for your work schedule. One day, it might be useful to head out with the specialist cleaning experts, speaking to customers on-site. The next might be spent in the office, doing some timely admin tasks or ordering product supplies. This goes long distances to fostering engagement as you earn.


We don’t think the Valentine’s Day analogy is a stretch – our bond with work should never fall into disrepair… If any of our points have struck a chord, speak to our recruitment team for a frank, honest discussion about your potential with a Rainbow franchise business.