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What Type Of Franchise Suits Your Personality?

May 8, 2017
What Type Of Franchise Suits Your Personality?

Contrary to what you may think, franchising is not one set of business stripes. The franchise model you adopt will depend on what sort of person you are. And it only makes sense to pour your energy into a style that hones and stimulates your preferences….

So, whether you’re a hands-on business type, a whizz with management techniques, or set on a purely advisory role, there’s a franchise framework to suit you. Join us as we explore the different types of franchises available:


Retail franchise

A retail franchise grants you the ability to own a branch of an already successful retail chain. You’ll be selling their products under their brand name, but will be in charge of running the business and drawing in local custom.

Since retail is primarily based on impressions and sales skills, this is great for anyone who is naturally warm, confident, and social. It requires an instinct for product promotion, as stock items are pushed/reined back to match consumer demand. However, you’re only (in the barest terms) getting the materials off shelves as fast as possible – there’s not much room for flexibility.


Business-to-business franchise

Networking is a vital component of b2b franchises, which negotiate the passage of goods and services for corporate clients. They’re suited to people who relish a meeting that could last a couple of hours, regular travel and phone calls, or working to a tight schedule.

In essence, you’ll be butting agendas with others like you, negotiating deals and delivering product/service packages to a set timeframe. If you enjoy the corporate side of business, this type of franchise might appeal, but bear in mind that this can be a high-pressure, cut-throat industry.


Investment franchise

Hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants – what do they have in common? Often, an investment franchisee: they make the initial bid, control the outlet and its premises, but delegate management to members of staff who are there every day

Investors in these franchises tend to act more like advisors. There’s probably a large team of employees to watch over, which makes it tough for them to connect with every level of the workforce. Instead, they act more as a guiding hand over the executives, taking a hands-off approach to the business.


Management franchise

And now we come to the management franchise mould – one that Rainbow International has refined over the past thirty years. These businesses rely on the commercial awareness and management expertise of their owners, who focus on building a team of skilled professionals rather than completing tasks themselves.

That’s why, although we’re in the specialist cleaning and restoration sector, we don’t require franchisees to have prior industry experience. We prioritise transferable skills, business acumen, and a drive to build a successful franchise business.


Sound like something you’d be interested in? If you’re curious to learn more about our management franchise opportunities, have a look at our Next Steps. We’re always on the lookout for people like you!