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How To Weigh Up UK Franchise Opportunities in London

January 31, 2018
How To Weigh Up UK Franchise Opportunities in London

London is the biggest, busiest, most buzzing city in Britain – a striking architectural centrepiece for our historic little island.

Red double-decker buses and black beetle-shaped taxis may personify it, but London has far more to it than what you’ll find on an archetypal postcard. For business, it remains one of the most powerful regions in the world – accounting for a whopping 17% of national GDP every single year.

Unsurprisingly, there are an astounding range of UK franchise opportunities in London, and knowing which territory to pick isn’t always a piece of cake. Here, we put the magnifying glass on each corner of the British capital.


North London

The intellectual elite hang out at the top of the capital, with the northern part of the city home to culture, art and prestige.

Camden and Islington are two examples of popular UK franchise opportunities in North London; a region that’s only increased in reputation since the likes of Ted Baker and Addison Lee moved in permanently.

Imaginative and alluring, North London is one of the most exciting places to set up a franchise business, offering you the opportunity to mingle among some of the most interesting, big-name clients in the country.


East London

The incredible success of North London’s art scene has begun to spread, with eastern spots like Havering, Newham and Hackney attracting big brands that are young at heart.

Whilst other parts of London remain enormously popular, establishing yourself in up-and-coming East London offers you a great chance to get in ahead of the curve and beat the competition.

With so many new corporations arriving (and hundreds of time-honoured companies staying put) there’s ample demand for specialist cleaning and restoration in East London. With a Rainbow franchise business, you can tap into that need.


South London

Packed with huge residential districts, South London is home to many service-led businesses, with specialist cleaning required to keep these locations in tip-top condition.

South London has also become something of a startup hub in recent years (more businesses choose to set up in this part of London than any other) so, if you’re looking to make contacts, this is a fine spot for networking.


West London

Widely known as the “posh” part of London with five-star restaurants and hotels, the west is also crammed full of public sector locations demanding next-level specialist cleaning on a regular basis.

Precious architectural landmarks like Kensington Palace, Osterley Park, Hampton Court Palace and Electric Cinema all demand attention from restoration specialists, whilst you’ll be hard pushed not to bump into some big business contacts when attending networking functions in this part of the capital.


As you can see, there are many great UK franchise opportunities in London – and you can take advantage right now by booking a call with our team. We’ll be delighted to tell you more about each region (and where might be best for you).