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More Than The Bottom Line: What Else Does Franchising Help You Do?

February 25, 2020
More Than The Bottom Line: What Else Does Franchising Help You Do?

As cities grow denser and commutes last longer, individuals are spending more time in ‘work mode’. It’s no surprise then that we’re seeing an increasing number of people make career decisions for reasons outside of material gain.

Sure, pay still motivates people. But today’s workforce wants their employment to better blend their work and life commitments. And this is something that franchising can do in spades.

In fact, franchising has such significant perks that we’ve listed them below. Together, they highlight the industry’s impact on its members’ wellbeing.

Freedom of work

Not being bound to the 9-5 is a dream for many. Until now, workers were largely confined to the typical operating hours of the high street. Today, we have flexible working, allowing employees to work back hours in time slots better suited to them.

However, even in this form, the working week is still dictated to you by your employer and clientele. That is, unless you work for yourself.

Going freelance or launching a business is hardly considered a completely safe decision though – especially if you have financial commitments. That’s where franchising comes in.

Through its proven model and established brand presence, franchise businesses allow individuals to more securely become a business owner without having to create an enterprise themselves. The audience has been identified and the message has been refined – all that’s left for you to do is take the helm.

Access to the great outdoors

Those who are fortunate enough to work outside will be the first to tell you that it’s a game-changer. Not only are the health benefits innumerable, but the boost to your mental health is unprecedented.

Simply by being outside, individuals experience a stimulation in the reward neurons of the brain. These turn off the stress response, helping to lower cortisol levels, heart rate and blood pressure.

As a result, you’ll benefit from boosted concentration, improved memory and reduced mental fatigue – just 20 minutes outside a day will suffice.

Plenty of franchise businesses allow for this, including Rainbow. The nature of specialist cleaning and restoration means that you’ll often be outside working on shopfronts and private residencies. It’s in this work that you’ll find a more peaceful existence than that found in a stuffy office environment.

A presence in the community

Some franchisors require you to become a pillar of the community. They’ll expect you to create ties with local leaders and build bridges with other nearby businesses.

Relationship-building might have been miles away from what you were doing in your previous role, but you won’t get far in franchising unless you have experience in networking or a willingness to learn.

Regular attendance of such events and the gradual building up of retained clients relies on a personal investment in the territory. This civic engagement will not only support your social development, but improve the confidence you have in your trade too.

Whether you help your clients and customers deal with the aftermath of a cold snap, a flood or a fire, you can feel a sense of self-satisfaction that you’re contributing to your local community.

At Rainbow, we can deliver on all of the above while also promising our total support. We’re dedicated to the success of our franchisees and have in-house expertise to hand should you need it.

We’re determined to make your dream of escaping the rat race a reality. Just give us a call on 01623 675185 or fill out our contact form to find out more.