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What Emotions To Expect From A Franchise Bid

October 26, 2017
What Emotions To Expect From A Franchise Bid

What’s the last great experience you had? Not just one you enjoyed, but a thumping, line-in-the-sand series of moments, whereby a perception of yourself and the world around you was pushed to the limit?

Embarking on the franchise dream is an emotional odyssey that involves a lot of soul-searching, careful planning and big decisions. Owning a franchise in the UK can bring a new lease of life to anyone ready to take more autonomy in his or her career.

As you’d expect, there’s a lot to process. So join us for a four-step map of what you’ll be feeling during a franchise bid.

Stage 1 – Curiosity

Very few of our business partners come from our sector originally. Instead, they’ve laid roots in many backgrounds: construction, digital sales, creative work, or any niche separate from specialist cleaning and restoration. Before encountering Rainbow International, you may not be sure what we actually do, or how you can influence it.

The very first emotional state, then, is probably curiosity about the model we’ve built, the clients we serve, how our practices are distinguished, and the shape of the industry at large. That’s why, as a first step, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire and provide your CV to see if we might be a good fit for each other.

Stage 2 – Excitement

Has the opening chat gone well? Awesome – we’ll invite you to a Discovery Day, in which you’ll get to mix with some of our Rainbow family. They’ll be composed of operational staff, a few representatives from Head Office, and current franchisees who give their time to your questions.

Ask whatever you want; the whole point is to approach a deeper view of how we work. Each aspect of our UK franchise opportunities will be examined, prepping you for what may follow. At this stage, it’s easy to feel the momentum at your heels – but stay aware of the tougher decisions around the corner…

Stage 3 – Anticipation

Things get more serious now, as sights narrow on the franchise territory you want. Every Rainbow candidate has to invest £55,000+VAT in a territory, as well as securing around £30,000-£40,000 in working capital to get started.

To help, we’ll shepherd you to a few trusted lending partners, such as banks and private investors. Yet we know that it can be a little scary to go through credit checks, budgeting, forecasts etc., which is why we don’t put too much pressure on you. The financing realities can be tackled one at a time.

Stage 4 – Acceptance!

It’s incredible, that rush of approval you’ll get when meeting our Board of Directors, with a secure investment deal at your back. We’ll ask you to present a business plan; afterwards, it’s a question of seeing if you’re ready for what’s to come.

Any franchisees who get a ‘thumbs up’ are then ushered into their territory of choice with a comprehensive 5-week training programme. There’ll be vehicles, equipment, insurance and premises to source, but have no fear – you’ve made it to the end of a beginning, ready to prove your ambitions…

Going through all of this is going to put your confidence, knowledge and mental stamina to the test. Ready to take it? Then book a call with our recruitment team today, and we can get started your journey to owning a franchise.