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What Professional Background Do I Need For A Specialist Cleaning Franchise?

March 27, 2018
What Professional Background Do I Need For A Specialist Cleaning Franchise?

You might’ve guessed from our name, but Rainbow International have a huge spectrum of talent in our organisation.

Specialist cleaning and restoration is an art form. Yet our franchisees don’t have to arrive from this industry in order to deliver it. Even if you’re looking for UK franchise opportunities in a market you may be unfamiliar with, you’ll quickly get a handle on what specialist cleaning is, how it’s achieved, and the way it’s managed within a community.

This is the professional history we look for in prospective partners:


You’ve headed a sizeable team


Rainbow business leaders are not a one-man band. They may start out as such, but it’ll become increasingly harder to make good on your investment if it’s just you, a van, and a single set of treatment supplies.

Some of our assignments require teams of several people at a time. Therefore, we ask that candidates can prove their leadership skills. You must be comfortable telling your team members what to do. More than that – you have to get the best out of them.


Finances don’t scare you


Can you bury your head in a calculator for a few hours a week, without running for the door? Financial skills will factor heavily in your suitability to lead a franchise business. Everything, really, boils down to numbers – we like people who love to crunch them.

It’s for our benefit and yours, of course – the more cost-efficient the franchise, the greater your earning potential, which will pave the way for expansion. A mathematical affinity doesn’t have to come from previous business roles, but it does help if you know about tax, expense claims and cost-saving techniques.


Networking comes naturally


Rainbow HQ dictates our nationwide marketing efforts. The rest is down to you. Anyone who owns a small business franchise should be willing to get stuck into the local professional scene, whichever territory you choose.

As a result, we want to see budding franchisees who don’t mind talking about their brand to a room full of strangers. Your CV should give examples of successful lead generation tactics you have employed previously. A flourishing venture is tough to cultivate without first presenting a great image of yourself to as many people as possible.


You can think quickly on the spot


Not every job will go to plan. Perhaps a piece of equipment will need to be repaired, or a client will want to retain your services for longer than you’ve agreed…

Business owners have to stay calm under pressure, even when they’re short of time. Can you demonstrate snap decision-making? Great – you’re just what we’re looking for. Experience of handling complaints, solving supply chain issues and reorganising a team effectively are favourable qualities to have.

You’ve read what we want from your work background. Do you think you’re ready to showcase your skills? Follow our Next Steps and see how those traits can help you build a rewarding small business franchise.