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Why Now Is The Time To Start A Franchise Business In North Wales

April 23, 2018
Why Now Is The Time To Start A Franchise Business In North Wales

North Wales is many people’s ideal holiday destination, simply because of the abundance of things to do. This part of the UK boasts beautiful scenery, plentiful adventures for thrill seekers, a variety of local food and drink, and a strong heritage as evidenced in its magnificent castles and railways.

Being such a hot tourist spot means that businesses in North Wales are thriving, and now is the perfect time for franchise owners to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. We explore why a specialist cleaning and restoration franchise business in North Wales could be the option for you…


You’ll be supported


North Wales was actually the only UK destination to make it onto Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017 list. With so many businesses contributing to the success of the area, they need to be supported by the government – and Business Wales certainly does that. Their dedicated business advisors are on hand to help you achieve your goals and provide support with securing financial assistance. They also arrange many opportunities to network with like-minded people, so you can share knowledge and advice.

Starting a franchise is like any business venture – we wouldn’t recommend trying to do it by yourself, but with a network like Business Wales in place, together with the support Rainbow provide all their franchisees, you most definitely will not struggle in North Wales.


A tourist area needs to be clean


If you’ve visited a tourist hotspot, you’ll know that they work hard to be kept clean and in good working order. This is because they often undergo specialist cleaning and restoration: if something is damaged, it has to be repaired, otherwise people will not want to go there.

With certain attractions being the key reason why people visit North Wales, as a tourist spot they cannot afford to not utilise the services of a Rainbow franchisee.


Opportunities for disaster recovery services


The recent bad weather conditions have unfortunately wreaked havoc across North Wales. It was only recently that this area had a yellow weather warning in place for rain as there was a risk of localised flooding, as well as sleet and slow causing several road collisions. Storm Emma also resulted in such significant damage that one high school was closed for a week.

With the intense weather conditions only looking to worsen, businesses will need specialist cleaning and disaster recovery services in place to keep North Wales running smoothly.

These services are certainly not something that is only needed in times of bad weather, however. Blocked pipes and existing plumbing problems only exacerbated the ‘one in fifty year’ flood damage in North Wales. These maintenance issues can cause chaos at any point, showing that there is always a demand for specialist cleaning services no matter the time of year.


Opportunities for a franchise business in North Wales


It’s clear that North Wales is a great place for franchising opportunities, and there is a territory for sale in this area right now with Rainbow. We offer you the chance to build a long-term, profitable management franchise and enjoy the benefits of an established and trusted brand.

We’re available on 01623 675185 if you’d like to learn more about North Wales, and you can also book a call with our team today by visiting our Next Steps section.