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Why South London Is A Great Spot For Franchising Opportunities

May 25, 2018
Why South London Is A Great Spot For Franchising Opportunities


As the UK’s central commercial hub, it’s no surprise that the business prospects in London are vast. The companies located here produce 17% of the national GDP yearly, and over £15bn in annual servicing revenue.

As such a successful area, there’s specific regions that are particularly prosperous – the south of the city being one. There’s plentiful franchise opportunities in South London, and here we’re discussing why this area is such a great spot to build a thriving business.

High residential demand

Although many work in the central areas of the city, high housing prices make owning property in this zone unappealing. Therefore, many choose to flock to the residential districts of London’s southern boroughs, such as Clapham, Croydon, Bromley and Merton.

Whether they’re building families or climbing the career ladder, the habitants in these regions rarely have time to spare. They still need to ensure their homes are kept immaculate, so a solution often opted for is a specialist cleaning and restoration service. There’s a massive number of properties requiring the offerings of a franchise in South London.

A prosperous business scene

To increase your client base, it’s always a great idea to be located in a space with business networking events. This is something South London has an ample number of, especially as there’s a wealth of startup ventures. The region is the most popular location for setting up a business, holding six times the amount of the London average.

As such a startup hub, there’s plenty of room for you to break into this business scene. You’ll easily be able to make contacts with new enterprises, who will all require their premises to be in shipshape. A specialist cleaning and restoration franchise business can benefit greatly from building up their referral network in this way.

Setting up a franchise business

Although it may be tempting to try to make waves as a startup yourself, this comes with great risk. We recently discussed how the drawbacks of London’s competition, costs and continuous change can massively reduce your chances of success. However, triumph is significantly higher when setting up a franchise business.

This is because a franchise in South London is able to take advantage of the prosperous area with an established brand whose tried-and-tested model has proven profitable. One such franchisor is Rainbow, who can support you with all the requirements of setting up your franchise business – from financing and training to marketing and networking.

There’s copious franchise opportunities in South London that will ensure a return on your investment. To find out further information about this flourishing region, book a call with our team by heading over to our Next Steps section.