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Why We’re Proud To Be Part Of The ISS Group

November 13, 2017
Why We’re Proud To Be Part Of The ISS Group

At Rainbow, we consider ourselves surrogate guardians to our franchisees. We watch over them. We challenge them. We spur them on to achieve great things. But our extended family is even bigger than this.

Rainbow International is also a proud member of the ISS Group – a global brand with several prestigious and reputable organisations among its ranks. One of the biggest facility service providers of its kind in the entire world, ISS employ more than 40,000 members of staff in the United Kingdom alone.

But magnitude aside, ISS are also a company that cares – which is why Rainbow are so thrilled to consider them family. Their four values are as follows…



For ISS and every organisation below its umbrella, an honest approach is always the preferred and chosen path.

ISS want to empower their partners and customers to achieve enhanced results in everything they do. But most importantly of all, ISS respect the people with whom they work and interact.

Honesty paves the way for better business, and the ISS Group are always upfront about what they can and cannot do in each scenario… a trait we admire and replicate here at Rainbow.



Entrepreneurship is testing at the best of times, and every business owner needs as much support as possible for the best chance of success.

The ISS Group are committed to helping talented, hard-working entrepreneurs hone their craft, providing the necessary training and assistance to help ambitious businesspeople build something quite brilliant.

Rainbow is a brand that thrives on creating rewarding franchise business opportunities, so it is truly wonderful to be affiliated with a group that shares the same passion for entrepreneurship support.



ISS assume a strong sense of responsibility for everything they do.

Upon adopting a role, the organisation immediately immerses themselves within it – leading by example with confidence and clarity to put the customer first.

Responsibility also extends to the nature of the work performed by ISS, which involves conducting professional cleaning to help people revamp/rebuild their business location… something that happens to be a Rainbow speciality.



For everything the ISS Group are involved with, quality remains at the top of the agenda.

ISS is an organisation who believe in tailoring solutions to client needs, rather than providing makeshift, quick fixes that require replacement a few months down the line. Every job matters, and every client is treated with the same respect and importance as the last.

Like Rainbow, ISS guarantee the very best results every single time. Upholding high quality is a challenge everybody in our family loves rising to.


If you’d like to learn more about the ISS Group and the types of work they conduct across the country, you can visit the UK website. If you’re a prospective or current Rainbow franchisee, it’s well worth taking a look. This is the overarching organisation whom you will be ultimately representing, and you’re guaranteed to be impressed by everything they stand for.