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Why Winter Is A Boom Period For Specialist Cleaning Franchises

December 4, 2017
Why Winter Is A Boom Period For Specialist Cleaning Franchises

The high winds tearing across the UK bring more than a seasonal wardrobe change. Many franchise business owners find winter a tough time for sales, service hire and customer retention. This is only the majority, however – Rainbow International pride ourselves on heading a sector that actually gets more relevant as the weather turns for the worse.

Winter is always a busy, stimulating prospect for each of our UK franchises. We get to put our specialist cleaning and restoration skills to the test. Ultimately, it’s a very profitable portion of our calendar. Want to learn why?


Limiting the cost of structural damage

Any building can encounter a litany of hazards over the winter period. They include cracked pipes in the frost, or guttering torn apart by a gale: both of which can lead to widespread intrusion of water. Flooding is another major risk during this time of year.

Some business may have very sensitive equipment to protect, such as an electrical control unit – perhaps even corrosive chemicals that have to be stored somewhere safe, away from destabilising elements. Meanwhile, extreme weather can have a devastating impact on families whose homes are made inhabitable when the waters begin to rise

Rainbow’s specialist cleaning and disaster recovery teams can detect where leaks are coming from, relative to the punishment that commercial and domestic properties may undergo from November to February. We find the issue, then do everything we can to shore it up.


Restoring the effects of built-up moisture

Likewise, there’s a detrimental series of factors – snow, ice and pounding rain – that can do massive damage to a property, if left to their own devices. Our clients often ask us to restore furniture that’s been exposed to a heavy moisture intake. We clean it, dry it, and leave it good-as-new for the rest of the season.

The same goes for walls that experience mould and large water stains. Properties that are continually exposed to inclement weather can struggle to fight these conditions, detracting from the appearance, value and cleanliness of the property.

This has further relevance for stately homes that require constant, strategized treatment to remain in their best condition, especially with so many rooms and features to consider.

Our franchise business owners are fully trained to deal with both the immediate and long-term effects of extreme weather, from helping homeowners get back on their feet, to minimising downtime for local businesses. They are then equipped to assess each job on its own terms, gaining work by building up a network in their territory as well as taking advantage of centrally sourced contracts.


Convinced yet? Rainbow International represents a fantastic slew of UK franchise opportunities that will enable you to generate a healthy income all year round. See what the Next Steps are to a Rainbow investment, or call our recruitment advisors to have a chat about joining the family.