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Here’s Why You Don’t Need A Business Background To Run A Franchise

Passion should drive everything we do. But, too often, people think that a passion for business is the only trait you need to run a franchise. That’s not quite true.

There’s so much more at play. We want to dispel the myth that you must have significant business experience to be a franchise owner. Because, really, a person from any background can find their feet in this capacity, as long as they have the right skill set.

So join us for a careful examination of why you’ve probably got what it takes to run a franchise business, even if you don’t know it yet.


You have a thirst for knowledge

Above all else, franchisors want individuals who have a boundless curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Maybe you’ve always asked questions, and preferred listening to making assumptions about things you aren’t sure of. That’s useful for a franchisor; it means they can mould you to their template of what a business owner should be.

Already, you may have shown an eagerness to help others, and to do so, you want to employ the latest tools and knowledge in a given sector.

People who ask “where can I improve someone’s life?” or “how can an industry push technology and the nation forward?” are ready to be a franchise owner. Inquisitive entrepreneurs will take everything on board – all the key messages and processes that will be shared before the contract is drawn up – and they’ll relish the training.

Financial, practical and networking skills either have a basis in your life already, or can be cultivated in the run-up to a franchise agreement.

Either way, there’s always room to grow. And that’s the most vital trait – a willingness to improve and take on board new perspectives.


You place others above yourself

Opening a franchise takes guts and determination – not to mention the startup capital. But there’s more to consider. You may not have top-level business experience of directing strategy, handling accounts and following up leads, but a love of other people is what really matters.

To run a successful franchise, their concerns should be prioritised over yours – and that extends to both colleagues and customers.

Have you ever taken charge of a group, and led it to victory? How did that feel? Did you make a habit of it? Franchisors are keen to understand your people skills, which will ultimately determine how well you’re able to head a team or speak with clients.

Patience, empathy and tact are all traits to exhibit when registering interest in running a franchise.

Remember too that teamwork doesn’t begin and end in the corporate world. If you’re part of a society, sports team or creative group, then tell your franchisor about it.

Interpersonal talents are just as eye-catching on a CV. The best bosses know how to use staff well and how to keep them for many years – providing a friendly environment with high levels of morale and motivation.


You always strive to be better

You’ve probably already reached several milestones, and have a step-by-step plan for hitting the rest of them. Franchising is likely one of those steps. That’s why you’re here. And this shows that you’re driven; you don’t settle for ‘good’ when ‘excellent’ is so much more fulfilling.

We don’t mean that you’re necessarily a perfectionist. Plenty of successful people make mistakes, which allows us to develop and grow. Instead, think of it as ambition – really making a go of your idea and finding ways to continuously improve upon it.

Franchisors will have the same mentality – it’s why they’re a proven earning model, after all – and want to see it in their leadership candidates. Ideally, you’ll be able to plan far ahead for business growth. You’ll carefully research the competition, and uncover ways to win out over other brands.

You’ll be interested in the sector’s wider developments too, whether they’re tech-based or responding to changing customer demands.

Additionally, one small branch won’t be enough. Somewhere deep down, you want to lead a thriving team with its sights set on expansion. Over the years, you will have demonstrated that greatness is down to an iron will and a desire to leave a mark on the world.

To a franchisor, that’s more indicative of someone committed to running a successful franchise than a knowledge of how to follow up invoices or get the most from social media.


The main perks of a franchise business

We’re almost at the end of our article. There’s one question remaining, though – how does franchising suit all of these characteristics?

Here’s the basic outline for a franchise structure, and the ways in which it matches the skills outlined above:

  • The freedom to experiment. The parent company shouldn’t keep you in a cage. Yes, you will follow certain rules, but the rest is up to you. Hire who you want. Make any networking decisions, and choose which jobs you want to undertake.


  • Continuing guidance from the experts. When looking for franchise opportunities, ensure they come with a healthy dose of professional mentorship. If things go well, you’ll be spending many years together. It’s in both of your interests for there to be a clear communication channel, where you can easily exchange tips and updates.


  • Truly limitless potential, when you’re ready. A franchise owner gets access to the brand, skills, training and equipment that a startup entrepreneur probably won’t have in their early days. You can use this to run a successful first territory and then – eventually – move on to a bigger franchise empire.

We’ve covered so much… But there’s still a longer conversation to be had. Rainbow International have dozens of specialist cleaning and restoration franchises available throughout the UK.

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