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Why Franchising?

Many people dream of making the leap to self-employment. However, startups aren’t the only route for aspiring business owners. To maximise your potential without the risk that comes with it, franchising opportunities have much to offer.

Purchasing a franchise isn’t for everyone. But for driven individuals with a vision for their future, they offer a fast-track to success that few startup stories can rival…

Startups versus franchises

Startups versus franchises

Self-employment is rife with decisions: do you start a new business from scratch, or explore available franchises in your region? This will depend on your goals and the vision you have for your business.

There’s no doubt that both paths require a lot of hard work and commitment. Yet even the smallest of mistakes – poor branding, a weak business plan – can undermine a startup. As such, it’s no wonder that only 20% survive the first five years.

A business in a box

A business in a box

Franchise success is much more common: 80% surpass the five-year milestone. Why? Because franchises are a business in a box, a proven recipe that you can follow when setting up your own branch.

In essence, franchising gives you a leg-up to business growth. From day one, you become part of an established brand with the infrastructure, support and reputation you need to achieve your goals.

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